Wuxin: The Monster Killer (2015)

Wuxin: The Monster Killer (2015)
Release Year: July 6, 2015
English Subtitles: Yes

* Wuxin The Monster killer first broadcast on July 6, 2015 on Sohu TV online.

Chinese Title: 无心法师 / Wuxin fashi
Vietnamese Title: Genre: Period drama / Supernatural / Adventure
No of Episodes: 20
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Wuxin: The Monster Killer Original Soundtrack
1. Beijie er hupan (贝加尔湖畔) Baikal Lake – Artist: Li Jian (李健)
2. Zui zhang de lutu (最长的旅途)
3. Ji zhu wangji wo (記住忘記我) Remember To Forget Me – Artist: Alfred Hui (許廷鏗)

(Elvis) Han Dong Jun (韩东君) as Wuxin
Gina Jin (金晨) as Li Yueya (Wuxin’s love)
(Sebrina) Chen Yao (陈瑶) as Yue Qiluo (Zhang Xianzong’s love, loves Wuxin, demon)
Zhang Ruo Yun (张若昀) as Zhang Xianzong
Wang Yan Lin (王彦霖) as Gu Xuan Wu (Wen County Commander)
(Mike) Pirat Nitipaisalkul (พิรัชต์ นิธิไพศาลกุล) as Bai Liuli (Wuxin’s friend)
Sui Yong Liang (隋咏良) as Chu Chenzi
Kong Lianshun (孔连顺) as Su Xiansheng

Elvis Han as Wuxin

(Sebrina) Chen Yao as Yue Qiluo (Zhang Xianzong’s love, loves Wuxin)
Yue Qiluo

Wang Yan Lin as Gu Xuan Wu (Wen County Commander)
Gu Xuan Wu

Mike Pirat Nitipaisalkul as Bai Liuli (Wuxin’s friend)
Bai Liuli


Baikal Lake – Li Jian

Remember To Forget Me – Alfred Hui

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Wu Xin (Elvis Han) has lived the most solitary existence in the world, and he who has no heart is ageless and eternal. His name Wu Xin means ‘no heart’ Wu means no xin means heart. No matter how severely he is injured, he is able to make a full and rapid recovery. One night, after being accidentally kicked by Warlord Gu Xuanwu’s (Wang Yan Lin) cavalry, Wu Xin plummets down an abyss, Injury-stricken Wu Xin then encounters Yue Ya (Gina Jin), who gives him half of her steamed bun. For repaying his debts of gratitude owed to Yue Ya, Wu Xin takes a job to kill monsters. By accident, he lets an ageless demon, Yue Yiluo (Chen Yao), slip through his fingers, and has been hounded by her ever since.

This is one of the top supernatural tv drama series of 2015 and is worth owning the DVD with English subtitles (baby am worth it). Elvis Han is a new rising young actor and he also starred in Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014 as Wu Xiuwen & Chinese Paladin 5 2016.

There is a part 2 to this series Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2 2017.

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Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2015 OST Download
1. (記住忘記我) Remember To Forget Me – Alfred Hui