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Wuxin 2: The Monster Killer (2017)

Wuxin 2: The Monster Killer (2017)
English subtitle: Yes

Chinese Title: 无心法师2 / Wuxin Fashi 2
Vietnamese Title: Pháp Sư Vô Tâm 2
Director: Li Guoli (李国立)
Genre: Supernatural / Horror / Fantasy
No of Episodes: 27
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Original Soundtrack
1. zui zhang de lutu (最長的旅途) – Artist: Li Qi (李琦)
2. Bai hua Lin (White Birchwood Forest) (白樺林) – Artist: Pu Shu (朴树)
3. Deng jun lai (等君来) – Artist: Wendyz Zheng (鄭嘉嘉)
4. You Xin (有心) – Artist: Wang Yi Nuo (王藝諾)
5. Bai hua Lin (白樺林) – Artist: Alan Wang Yan Lin (王彦霖)

Elvis Han Dong Jun (韩东君) as Wu Xin
Sebrina Chen Yao (陈瑶) as Su Tao/Yue Qiluo/Xiao Ding Mao
Li Lan Di (李兰迪) as Su Tao
Alan Wang Yan Lin (王彦霖) as Gu Ji
Wang Yi Nuo (王艺诺) as Ding Xiao Tian
Mike (ไมค์) Pirat Nitipaisalkul (พิรัชต์ นิธิไพศาลกุล) as Bai Liu Li
Gao Tai Yu (高泰宇) as Bai Chuan Lin
Wang Yan Su (王妍苏) as Hu Yao Da Bai (white fox demon)

Elvis Han Dong Jun as Wuxin

Chen Yao as Xiao Ding Mao/Su Tao/Yue Qiluo (adopted son of Shanghai gang, Xiao Dingmao is the reincarnation of Yue Qiluo)
Ding Xiao Mao

Alan Wang Yan Lin as Gu Ji (son of Gu Xuan Wu)

Li Lan Di as Su Tao (15 year old, loves Wuxin)

Mike Pirat Nitipaisalkul as Bai Liu Li (close friend of Wuxin, guardian to Wuxin)
Bai Liu Li

Gao Tai Yu as Bai Chuan Lin (Japanese onmyoji)
Bai Chuan Lin

Wang Yi Nuo as Ding Xiao Tian (Subordinate of Xiao Ding Mao)
ding Xiao tian


Bai hua Lin (白樺林) – Pu Shu

Zui zhang de lutu

You Xin (有心) – Wang Yi Nuo

Pháp Sư Vô Tâm 2 – https://youtu.be/G7L6xMzSa90

Wuxin The Monster killer 2 is a internet web series season 2 to, Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2015. The original cast will return except Wuxin’s wife Yueya (Gina Jin) and Zhang Ruo Yun as Zhang Xianzong. There will also star new actors and actresses in this part 2 series.

It has been 20 years, Wuxin wakes up from a deep sleep and has lost his memory. He has no recollection of what has happen & the people he meets he get a sense that he has known them before.

In media news, Elvis Han Dong Jun was frequently seen dating actress Lu Jia Rong (吕佳容). Recently the two became acquainted in which they co-starred in the television drama Color of Night 2017 (人生若如初相见), Lu Jia Rong character was Min Hongyu.

If you love the opening theme song Bai hua Lin (白樺林) White Birchwood Forest, listen to this heartwarming version by Tan Weiwei 谭维维, You can find Tan Wei Wei CD on Yesasia, and a new version release by actor Alan Wang Yan Lin – Bai hua Lin (白樺林), on September 20, 2017 by. You can download all these from ITunes.

Wuxin 2: The Monster Killer begin filming in August 2016 and completed on November 2016 and first broadcast on August 14, 2017 on Tencent & Sohu online. It will broadcast on myTV SUPER on September 27, 2017 in Hong Kong by TVB. Han Dong star in upcoming new tv series, Secrets of the Three kIngdoms 2017. Follow us for OST download info.

Broadcast Date: August 14, 2017,
September 27, 2017 – myTV SUPER

Wuxin The Monster Killer 2015 (DVD) – English subtitles, $18.50 – $25.76, Ebay

Original Soundtrack from Itunes
1. Bai hua Lin (白樺林) – Artist: Pu Shu (朴树)


2. Bai Hua Lin – Sitar Tan Weiwei
mp3 source; http://pan.baidu.com/s/1fomkQ
Bai Hua Lin MV