Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time (2017) | First Teaser

Once Upon A Time (2017)

Bai Qian

Chinese Title: San Sheng San Shi Shili taohua / 三生三世十里桃花
Genre: Ancient / Romance / Novel
Language: Mandarin
Country: China

Crystal Liu Yifei (刘亦菲) as Bai Qian/Si Yin/Su Su
Yang Yang (杨洋) as Ye Hua
Peng Zi Su 彭子苏 as A li (child)

Crystal Liu Yifei as Bai Qian/Si Yin/Su Su (white nine-tailed fox, daughter of Qing Qiu Bai’s)
Bai Qian

so beautiful.. reminds me of her role Xiao Longnu (Condor Heroes)
Su Su


Yang Yang (杨洋) as Ye Hua (black dragon, Bai Qian fiancé)
Ye Hua

Ye Hua


Ye Hua

Ye Hua


Once Upon A Time is a film adaptation based on the Chinese romance novel, San Sheng San Shi Shili taohua (三生三世十里桃花) written by Tang Qi Gong Zi (唐七公子). The film begin filming on December 2015 and completed on March 2016. The story is about the love between Bai Qian (Liu Yifei) who is from the clan of white nine tail fox & Ye Hua (Yang Yang). Who’s going to be your favorite Bai Qian? Yang Mi or Liu Yifei?

Liu Yifei is currently dating Korean actor Song Seung Heon after the filming of the movie The Third Way of Love. She was also paired up with Kris Wu in Never Gone, and with Korean actor and singer Bi (Rain) in For Love or Money.

This film is set to release in 2017 more info coming. Follow us on twitter for new updates and OST downloads.

Release Date: Summer 2017