Tearful Sword 2007

The Tearful Sword (2007)

The Tearful Sword (2007)
English subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: 泪痕剑 / Lei Hen Jian
Also known as: There is the Weapon of the Tear Stain
Vietnamese Title: Kiếm ngấn lẹ sầu
Genre: Wuxia
No Episodes: 35

The Tearful Sword Original Soundtrack
1. Yingxiong wu lei (英雄无泪) Heroes Shed No Tears – Artist: Wang Zheng Zheng (汪正正)
2. Wubian de gudan (无边的孤单) – Artist: Li Ling Yu (李玲玉)

Vincent Jiao (焦恩俊) as Zhuo Dong Lai
Ada Choi (蔡少芬) as Die Wu/Hupo (looks like two women)
Wang Hui (王辉) as Zhu Meng
Chang Cheng (常铖) as Sima Chao Qun
Kenneth Tong (汤钧禧) as Gao Jian Fei
Fei Zhen Xiang (费振翔) as Ding Xie
Zhao Xue Ying (赵雪莹) as Fu Sang
Qi Ji (戚迹) as Guo Qing
Jerry Chang (常铖) as Sima Chao Qun
Gao Lu (高露) as Wu Wan
Li Yi Xian (李奕娴) as Xiao Lian
Max Zhang (张晋) as Yang Jian

OST – 英雄无泪


Episode 1


In this brooding martial arts series based on Ku Lung’s novel “Heroes Shed No Tears”, a friendship between two swordsmen Sze Ma and Cheuk turns into hatred as they both compete for the title of leader of the martial arts world. When Sze Ma is killed in an ambush, it is up to his a admirer Ko and his weapon, the Tearful Sword, to go against Cheuk, who has devised his own evil scheme to have Ko eliminated.

The Tearful Sword DVD with English subtitles is already out of print but I will update when it becomes available. Follow us for info.

Release Date: 2007