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The Legend of Qin (2015)

The Legend of Qin (2015)
English subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: 秦时明月 / Qin Shi Ming Yue
Also Known as: Qin’s Moon
Thai Title: ตำนานแห่งราชวงศ์ฉิน 2015
Vietnamese Title: Tần Thời Minh Nguyệt
Genre: Martial Arts / Wuxia
Episodes: 54
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

The Legend of Qin Original Soundtrack
1. Dang Gui (当归) – Artist: Zhou Hui (周蕙)
2. Tian Jiang Ming (天将明) The Dawn – Artist: Yoga LIn (林宥嘉)
3. Kuijia (盔甲) – Artist: Janice Yan (阎奕格)
4. Duhuo (独活) – Artist: Aarron Yan (炎亚纶)
5. Yi Shuang Ren (一双人) – Artist: Lin Kai Lun (林恺伦)

Lu Yi (陆毅) as Ge Nie (calm, disciple of Ghost Valley ‘Guigu’)
Michelle Chen (陈妍希) as Duanmu Rong (Mohists disciples, intelligent skilled doctor, cold and emotionless, big sister to Gaoyue, likes Ge Nie)
Jiang Jinfu (蒋劲夫) as Jing Tian Ming (son of Jing Ke, likes Gao Yue)
Sean Sun (孙艺洲) as Wei Zhuang (wielder of demon shark tooth sword)
Hu Bingqing (胡冰卿) as Gao Yue/Yue Er (cheerful & kind, good friends with Jing Tian Ming, daughter of Mojia Juzi & Bi Hua’s daughter)
Michael Qin (秦俊杰) as Xiang Shaoyu (likes Chi Lian)
Gina Jin (金晨) as Chi Lian/Yuji (Crimson Lotus, right-hand lady to Wei Zhuang, loves Wei Zhuang)
Jeremy Qu (曲哲明) as Bai Feng (White Phoenix, Wei Zhang’s men, Known as ‘king of birds’)
Wang Chunyuan (王春元) as Ban Dashi (Mohists leader)
Sui Yongliang (隋咏良) as Gao Jianli (Mohists commander, loves Xue Nu)
Gong Beibi (龚蓓苾) as Xue Nu (Mohists commander, ‘snow girl’, loves Gao Jianli)
Zuo Jin Zhu (左金珠) as Fan Kuai (Mohists commander)
Wang Yanlin (王彦霖) as Dongguo Zhi (Mohists commander)
Canti Lau (刘锡明) as Mojia Juzi (Gao Yue’s father, Mohists leader)
Yu Bo (于波) as Liu Bang
Eric Ding (丁宇辰) as Zhang Liang
Wang Xiuze (王修泽) as Yan Tai Zi Dan
Geng Le (耿乐) as Jing Ke (father of Jing Tian Ming)
Yu Zi Kuan (于子宽) as Li Si
Zhang Lei (张雷) as Zhao Gao (powerful eunuch)
Song Ning (宋宁) as Da Si Ming (members of the Yin-Yang theorists, ‘Priestess of Death’, Fire Element Division)
Una You (尤靖茹) as Shao Si Ming (members of the Yin-Yang theorists, ‘Priestess of Birth’, Wood Element Division)
Alina Zhang (张萌) as Li Ji
Zhu Hong (朱虹) as Su Ying (Gao Yue’s mother)
Xiao Rong Sheng (肖荣生) as Qin Shi Huang/Ying Zheng (emperor)
Zhang Xiang (张翔) as Fu Su (Qin Shi Huang oldest son)
Qiang Yu (强宇) as Xiang Zhuang (Xiang Yu’s cousin)

Lu Yi as GeNie (calm powerful swordsman, disciple of Ghost Valley)

Michelle Chen as Duan Mu Rong (intelligent skilled doctor, cold and emotionless, big sister to Gaoyue, likes Ge Nie)
Duan Mu Rong

Jiang Jinfu as Jing Tian Ming (son of Jing Ke, likes Gao Yue)
Tian Ming

Hu Bingqing as Gao Yue/Yue Er (cheerful & kind, daughter of Mojia Juzi & Bi Hua’s daughter)

Michael Qin as Xiang Shaoyu (likes Chi Lian)
Xiang Shaoyu

Sean Sun as Wei Zhuang (wielder of demon shark tooth sword)
Wei Zhuang


Fan Made MV

Tian Jiang Ming – Yoga Lin

盔甲 – Janice Yan

Duhuo – Aaron Yan

The Legend of Qin 2015 ep 2 – Qin's Moon (Engsub) by engsubdrama1

Chinese – https://youtu.be/lVifc-0Z3ds
Dang Gui (当归) – Artist: Zhou Hui (周蕙)

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The Legend of Qin (2015) is a television adaptation of a popular martial arts novel by the same name written by Taiwanese writer (Wen Shiren). Qin’s Moon was first adapted into a 3D television animated series. It is China’s first 3D wuxia animation, produced by Sparkly Key (Hangzhou Xuanji Science & Technology Information Corporation (Hangzhou StarQ) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

The Legend of Qin (qin shi ming yue) aka as ‘Qin’s Moon’ means ‘The bright moon of Qin era’, the names of the two heroes, Jing Tianming (Jiang Jingfu) and ‘Ming’ means bright and ‘Yue’ meaning moon is the heroine Yue Er (Hu Bingqing). The story tells about the protagonist Jing Tianming during the Qin dynasty which is the first dynasty of China. You can watch the animated series Qin’s Moon Season 1 consisting of 10 episodes with English subtitles,

One day Jing Ke (Geng Le) attempted to assassinate the king of the Qin empire Ying Zheng, but failed, the king than ordered Li Si (Yu Zi Kuan) to killed Jing Ke and his son. Li Si than sent Wei Zhuang (Sean Sun) to kill them both. Jing Ke entrusted Gie Nie (Lu Yi) to protect his son Jing Tianming (Jiang Jinfu). Qin’s Moon tells the story of the rise and fall of the Qin Dnasty. During this time, six kingdoms were conquered by Qin in a ruthless takeover, with the new emperor forcing his subjects to follow his will and laws. The story followed a young boy, Tianming, who was hunted down by the Qin empire for reasons beyond his knowledge; and together with his friends, allies and teachers, he would change the course of history.

Is anyone anticipating a sequel to Legend of Qin? I hope the production company will make a sequel ASAP but there is already a prequel, The King’s Woman. The Legend of Qin first broadcast on November 29, 2015 on Hunan TV. This is one of the top wuxia TV dramas that I would buy the DVD to own.

Legend of Qin Character Bio
Duanmu Rong (端木蓉) (Michelle Chen)
Age: 24, Mohists Medical goddess, Weapon: Silver needles that is 3 inches long, lives in Medicine Villa of Mirror Lake. There is a rule that Duanmu Rong never treats those whose family name is Ge, those who come from Qin Kingdom, and those who get wounded in sword fights caused by their own violence and aggression. She at first doesn’t want to treat Ge Nie wounds but eventually her feelings change towards him.

Jing Tianming (荆天明) (Jiang Jinfu)
Age: 12 (animated series), son of a powerful Mohists swordsman Jing Ke, a bright and cheerful boy. He treats Ge Nie as his father, and aspires to become a swordsman just like him. He also has a continuous rivalry with Xiang Shaoyu, and a playful relationship with Ban Dashi ‘Master Ban’. Has a crush on Gao Yue and he describe Gao Yue’s big sister Duanmu Rong, a cold person whose face is ‘stiff as a board’.

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The Legend of Qin (2015) (DVD) (Ep. 1-58) (End) (China Version)

Release Date: November 29, 2015 Hunan TV

Star Birthday
Sean Sun (Wei Zhuang) – October 23, 1983 (34)

The Legend of Qin OST download
1. Tian Jiang Ming (天将明) The Dawn – Yoga LIn

2. Kuijia (盔甲) – Janice Yan

Chasing the Moon (追月) – Artist: Anson Hu

Free Download Original Soundtrack
1. Tian Jiang Ming (天将明) The Dawn – Yoga LIn
download link; http://2010.5282.cc/20151120/27.mp3
2. Duhuo (独活) – Aarron Yan
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Legend of Qin
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