The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng (2007)

The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng (2007)
Release date: January 3, 2007

* The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng first broadcast on January 3, 2007.

Also known as: The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng
Chinese Title: Lu Xiao Feng Chuan Qi / 陆小凤传奇
Thai Title: เล็กเซียวหงส์ ดรรชนีคู่สะท้านยุทธจักร
Khmer Title: ម្ចាស់ដាវផ្ដាច់ជីវិត
Vietnamese Title: Lục Tiểu Phụng Truyền Kỳ 2007
Genre: Wuxia / Mystery
Episodes: 20 (2 per story)
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

The Legend of Lu Xiao Feng Original Soundtrack
Shuang Xia (双侠) – Artist: Maxam (无极生)

Julian Cheung (张智霖) as Lu Xiao Feng
Ken Chang (张智尧) as Hua Man Lou (Lu Xiao Feng friend, blind since child)
Peter Ho (何润东) as Ximen Chui Xue/Jian Shen
Kevin Yan (严屹宽) as Ye Gucheng (highly skilled in sword)
Zhang Da Ming (张达明) as Sikong Zhai Xing (Lu Xiao Feng’s friend)
Cynthia Khan Yang Li Jing (杨丽菁) as Wu Yan
Fann Wong (范文芳) as Sha Man
Liu Shi Shi (刘诗诗) as Sunxiu Qing (Ximen’s wife, Emei sect)


OST – 双侠

Fan MV Peter Ho & Liu Shi Shi

Fan MV

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The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng 2007 is adapted from Gu Long’s Lu Xiaofeng novel series. This tv series has a total of 24 episodes and divded into 10 different stories. Each stories has two episodes. Lu Xiao Feng is famous for his Four Eyebrows as he sports two strands of moustache that resemble his eyebrows making him seem as though he has four eyebrows and has a nicknamed ‘four eyebrows’. He is described as good looking and an attractive figure to many female admirers in the novels. He likes to drink, a flirt and a regular brothel visitor.

Lu Xiao Feng and Chu Liu Xiang is one of my favorite’s characters from Gu Long’s novels. They both have their own unique personality and fighting style. If you are not familiar with Lu Xiao Feng and Chu Liu Xiang you should watch other adaptations with English subtitles and you will get familiar with to these two characters and their life in the martial arts society.

The first adaptation of Lu Xiaofeng was produce by TVB a 30-epsidoes televison series, Luk Siu Fung (1976) starring Damian Lau as Lu Xiao Feng.

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Star Birthday
Yang Li Jing (Wu Yan) – December 13, 1968 (48)

Lu Xiao Feng