The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011)

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011)
Release Date: September 30, 2011
English Subtitles: Yes

Qing Shi Huang Fei

Chinese Title: Qing Shi Huang Fei / 倾世皇妃
Thai Title: หม่าฟู่หยา จอมใจบัลลังก์เลือด
Vietnamese Title: Khuynh Thế Hoàng Phi
Genre: Period Drama / Romance
Producer: Ruby Lin
Episodes: 42
Country: China

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine Original Soundtrack
1. Qing Shi Huang Fei (倾世皇妃) – Artist: Ruby Lin (林心如)
2. Qing Ting Wo (倾听我) Listen to me – Artist: Ruby Lin (林心如)
3. Qing Shi (倾世) – Artist: Wallace Huo (霍建华)

Ruby Lin (林心如) as Ma Fu Ya / Pan Yu / Mei Fei
Kevin Yan (严宽) as Meng Qi You
Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Liu Lian Cheng
Tony Yang (杨祐宁) as Liu Lian Xi
Jennifer Hong (洪小铃) as Ma Xiang Yun
Kara Wai (惠英红) as Du Fei Hong (Empress Du)
Dai Chun Rong (戴春荣) as Dugu Taihou (Empress Dowager Dugu)
Lilian Wang (王琳) as Han Yuhe
Wang Yu (王雨) as Meng Qi Yun
Tamia Liu (刘涛) as Wen Jing Ruo
Zheng Kai (郑凯) as Han Ming
Mao Zi Jun (茅子俊) as Ma Du Yun
Liu Zi Jiao (刘梓娇) as Liu Lian Si
Miao Hao Jun (苗皓钧) as Hua Zi Qiao
Qiu Shuang (邱爽) as Meng Qi Xing
Jiang Kai (蒋恺) as Meng Zhi Xiang (Emperor)
Yang Kai Chun (杨凯淳) as Han Yun Zhu
Hao Ze Jia (郝泽嘉) as Du Wan
Chen Chen (晨辰) as Su Yao
Liu Yong (刘永) as Ma Yin (King of Chu)
Du Jun Ze (杜俊泽) as Yi Bing
Hao Luo Fan (郝洛钒) as Xiao Xin Gan
Cici Chen (晨梓妍) as Su Yao


OST – Qing Shi Huang Fei (倾世皇妃) – Ruby Lin

Qing Ting Wo

Qing Ting Wo (instrumental)

Qing Shi (倾世) – Wallace Huo


Khuynh Thế Hoàng Phi (dubbed) –
หม่าฟู่หยา จอมใจบัลลังก์เลือด dubbed –

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (倾世皇妃) is an adaptation of a novel by the same name written by Mu Rong Yan Er (慕容湮儿). It stars Ruby Lin as the leading female role Ma Fu Ya. Set in the chaotic and blood-stained “Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms” period, the story follows Ma Fu Ya (Ruby Lin), the beautiful princess of the Kingdom of Chu, who seeks to take revenge and revive her perished state. On her journey, she is caught up in the affections of two supreme rulers, Qi You (Yan Kuan), the ruler of the Kingdom of Shu, and Lian Cheng (Wallace Huo), the ruler of the Kingdom of Northern Han. Thrown into the dark reality of the royal harem, Fu Ya finds herself entangled in schemes and betrayal, and she learns that in order to survive, she must fight back. With interests and kingdoms at stake, when love and power collides, which will be chosen over the other?

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine is produced by Ruby Lin and this is her first television production by Ruby Lin Studio. She also produced Painted Skin 2: No Regrets for Real Love 2013. You should consider buying this drama dvd with English subtitles before it goes out of print.

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The Glamorous Imperial Concubine OST Download
1. 倾世皇妃 (Qing Shi Huang Fei) – Ruby Lin
2. 倾听我 (Listen to me) – Ruby Lin
3. Qing Shi (倾世) – Artist: Wallace Huo (霍建华)
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