The Fox Lover (2013) 3D | Watch and Download Orignal soundtrack

The Fox Lover (2013) 3D | Watch and Download Orignal soundtrack

The Fox Lover (2013) 3D
Release Date: China – September 28, 2013
DVD Release Date: Coming Soon!

* Watch The Fox Lover with English Subtitles and download original soundtrack.

The Fox Lover 2013

English Title: The Fox Lover (2013) 3D
Chinese Title: Bai Hu 2013 / 白狐
Vietnamese Title: Bạch Hồ (2013)
Thai Title: ตัวอย่าง คำนานรักนางจิ้งจอก
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Director: Niu Chaoyang
Release Date: September 28, 2013
Duration: 140 minutes
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

The Fox Lover 2013 Original Soundtrack
白狐 (Bai Hu) by Hsieh Yung (谢容儿)
不痴不傻不是爱 (Not crazy not stupid not love) by 火狐狸演唱組

Gillian Chung (钟欣桐)
Julian Cheung (张智霖) as Wang Yuan Feng
Kara Hui (惠英红) as fox mother
Gao Hu (高虎)
You Benchang (游本昌)
Miumiu (巩新亮)
Guo Mingxiang (郭明翔)
Zhou Yaping (周亚平)
Ha Ni (哈妮)
Kenny Kwan (关智斌)
Jing Lingxiao (井凌潇)
Li Xinchen (李欣宸)
Ma Yingqiao (马樱侨)
Sun Zijun (孙子珺)
Wang Zhixuan (王祉萱)
Yao Feifei (姚菲菲)
Yin Guo’er (殷果儿)

Adapted from a short story in Pu Songling’s supernatural classic Liaozhai Zhiyi The Fox Lover is about white fox spirit Xiaochui (Gillian Chung), who is irrevocably in love with the naive mortal Wang Yuanfeng (Chilam Cheung). In the universe resides the largest sea demon that strikes terror amongst the people. Inside Wang’s soul, there is a hidden power able to destroy the fiercest demons. When Xiaochui’s loyalties are tested in the clash between humans and demons, she is willing to sacrifice her life for love.

Credits –

The Fox Lover 2013

Trailer with English subtitles

New Julian & Gillian Love trailer

The Fox Lover 2013 – MANDARIN / English subtitles
Bạch Hồ (2013) – Vietnamese Subtitles
The Fox Lover – Thai Subtitles
The Fox Lover (2013) Official Trailer
Bai Hu 白狐 by Hsieh Yung Official MV
不痴不傻不是爱 by 火狐狸演唱組 Official Ending Theme MV

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Download The Fox Lover (2013) Original Soundtrack
白狐 (Bai Hu) by Hsieh Yung (谢容儿)
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