the four

The Four (2015)

The Four (2015)
Release date: March 17, 2015
DVD Release date: June 23, 2015
English subtitles: Yes

The Four (2015) first broadcast on March 17, 2015 on Hunan TV.

the four

Chinese Title: Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu / 少年四大名捕
Thai Title: ตำนาน 4 ยอดมือปราบ
Vietnamese Title: Thiếu Niên Tứ Đại Danh Bộ
Genre: Wuxia / Detective
Episodes: 48
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

The Four 2015 Original Soundtrack
1. 逆相思 (Ni Xiangsi) – Artist: Mickey He (何晟铭)
2. 风中英雄 (Feng Zhong Ying Xiong) – Artist: Zhang Han (张翰)
3. 无言守候 (Wu Yan Shouhou) – Artist: William Chan (陈伟霆)

Zhang Han (张翰) as Leng Xue (Cold Blood)
Yang Yang (杨洋) as Wu Qing (Heartless)
Mao Zi Jun (茅子俊) as Tie Shou (Iron Fist)
William Chan (陈伟霆) as Zhui Ming (Chaser)

Mickey He (何晟铭) as An Shi Geng / Ho Sheng Ming
Emma Wu (吴映洁) as Ling Yi Yi (likes Tie Shou)
Janine Chang (张钧宁) as Chu Li Mo (Leng Xue’s lover, daughter of Xiàn ling, can read minds)
Jia Qing (贾青) as Ji Yao Hua (likes Ling Xue)
Jiang Chen (姜雨辰) as Zi Luo Gongzhu (first likes Ling Xue, but than likes Zhu Ming)
Liu Changde (刘长德) as Zhao Jinlong (Hui Lan’s husband)
Zhang Meng (张檬) as Hui Lan (Zhao Jin Long’s wife)
Ma Wen Long (马文龙) as Tu Wan
Li Yi Xuan (黎一萱) as Die Wu / Nangong Ru Yan ((Die Wu) An Shi Geng’s lover, Wu Qing’s lover)
Simona Wang (王双) as Mu Xue (likes Wu Qing, Princess)
Liu Sitong (刘思彤) as Bian Hong Yao (skilled in reading mind)
Liu Xin (刘鑫) as Liu Chun Ping
Benny Qian (钱泳辰) as Yan Zhao
Han Dong (韩栋) as Zhang Sheng (Jiuwei Hu’s husband)
Michelle Bai (白冰) as Jiuwei Hu (Zhang Sheng’s wife, Nine-Tailed Fox)
Howie Huang (黄文豪) as Zhuge Zhengwo
Zheng Shuang (郑爽) as Wen Bing Er
Zhou Mu Yin (周牧茵) as Tang Chou
Hao Ze Jia (郝泽嘉) as Nu Nu
Yangming Na (杨明娜) as Jiao Niang (Zhuge Zhengwo’s lover)
Wang Hai Xiang (王海祥) as Yu Chun Tong (An Shi Geng’s men)
Zhou Shaodong (周绍栋) as Xiang Wang
Cheng Cheng (程诚) Zhao Hao
Yue Yue Li(岳跃利) as Chu Yan Liang (Chu Li Mo’s father)
Zong Feng Yan (宗峰岩) as Wu Hen Gongzi (flower thief)
Wang Kui Rong (王奎荣) as Zhu Wang Ye
Marco Li (李耀景) as Wenru Yu
Hanson Ying (应昊茗) as Mo Er Chi
Hao Zejia (郝泽嘉) as Nu Nu (wolf descendant)
Huang Ming (黄明) as Dugong Zi
Wang Zhi Fei (王志飞) as Zhengshao An
Sandy Yu (于小慧) as Hong Daniang

Zhang Han as Leng Xue
Leng Xue

Yang Yang as Wu Qing
Yang Yang as Heartless

Mao Zi Jun as Tie Shou
Tie Shou

William Chan as Zhui Ming
William Chan

Jiang Chen as Zi Luo Gongzhu (first likes Ling Xue, but than likes Zhu Ming)
Zi Luo Gongzhu


OST – Feng Zhong Ying Xiong – Zhang Han

Ni Xiangsi – Mickey He

English –
Chinese –
Thiếu Niên Tứ Đại Danh Bộ –

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The Four is based on the best-selling wuxia novel series, ‘Si Da Ming Bu’ (四大名捕), translated as The Four Great Constables written by a Malaysian Chinese writer Woon Swee Oan (Wen Ruian). Woon was born in Bidor, Perak, Malaysia in 1954 in a Hakka family with ancestry from Meixian, Guangdong, China. The first television adaptation of Si Da Ming Bu, was a 20 part episode produced in 1984 by ATV, The Undercover Agents (1984). If you are a fan of Woon Swee Oan’s novel series of The Four Famous Constables, you can watch other television adaptations, some available with English subtitles. There is a 3 part film series of The Four starring Crystal Liu Yifei and Deng Chao.

The four imperial detectives are highly skilled in martial arts they work for their master Zhuge Zhen-Wo who is head bodyguard to the emperor. As China’s protector they will arrest and execute any criminals.

The Four Great Constables (Si Da Ming Bu)
Leng Xue (冷血) real name is Leng Xue Qi translated means ‘Cold-blooded’ is one of the Four Famous Guards characters from Si Da Ming Bu novel. He is the youngest of the Four Constables. He has green hair and blue eyes and was raised by wolves as a child. He is highly skilled in swordsmanship and can convert his pain into strength. So many of the ladies seems to likes Leng Xue maybe because of his eye pose, you can see in most of his scene when he does his eyes stare for a few seconds, but than you can see the appeal. With whom should Leng Xue commit and open his heart to? Li Mo Cho or Ji Yao Hua?

Sheng Ya Yu (盛崖余) also known as Wu Qing (無情) ‘Emotionless’. He is the first disciple of Master Zhuge Zhengwo. He was crippled as a child and confined to a wheelchair when his whole family was murdered. He is very intelligent and is highly skilled in special hidden weapons. In The Four 2015, Yang Yang as Wu Qing will not be portraying his character who is confine to a wheelchair. I don’t like how Yang Yang has a boyish look and that he will not be crippled. Wu Qing is much like Leng Xue’s personality just like his name emotionless he is suppose to be cold who doesn’t talk that much but in this version Wu Qing seems more friendly to the other characters.

Tie You Xia also known as Tieshou (鐵手) ‘Iron Hands’. He is the second disciple of Master Zhuge Zhengwo. He is kind and honest man. He can stop the sharpest blades with his bare hands. This is the first martial arts series that I’ve seen Mao Zi Jun playing a lead role besides his role in Painted Skin 2. I am crushing on Mao Zi Jun as Tieshou he is so handsome and a kindhearted man of Si Da Ming Bu.

Zhui Ming (追命) real name Cui E Shang (崔略商) ‘Life Snatcher’. His known skills is drinking. Zhui Ming can’t read mind like Li Mo Cho but he can reads everyone hearts. He doesn’t care about fame only a real hero for true love.

The Four 2015 television series first broadcast on March 17, 2015 on Hunan Satellite TV. There was also a release of ‘The Four’ online pc game on March 25, 2015.

The Four 2015 (DVD), Language: Chinese / English subtitles / All Region, $41.90 – $79.90, buy now – EBay

YesAsia, Language: Mandarin / Subtitles: English, Chinese / Region 3 Only,

The Four (2015) (DVD) (Ep.1-44) (End) (Taiwan Version)

Star Birthday
Mao Zi Jun (Tie Shou) – December 31, 1986 (30)

The Four (2015) Original Soundtrack


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