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Title: Swordsman (2013)
Release Date: February 6, 2013
English subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: Xiao Ao Jiang Hu / 笑傲江湖
Also known as: State of Divinity / The Smiling, Proud Wanderer / Laughing In The Wind
Thai title: กระบี่เย้ยยุทธจักร 2013
Vietnamese Title: Tiếu Ngạo Giang Hồ 2013
Genre: Wuxia
No. of Episodes: 42/56
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Swordsman 2013 Original Soundtrack
1. Carefree / Xiao Yao (逍遥) – Artist: Wallace Huo (霍建华)
2. Love me / Ai Wo (爱我) – Artist: Pu Ti (蒲提) (Male Version)

Wallace Huo (霍建华) as Linghu Chong/Yang Lianting (disciple of Mount Hua, first likes Yue Lingshan)
Joe Chen (陈乔恩) as Dongfang Bubai (head master of the Sun Moon Holy Cult)
Mabel Yuan (袁姗姗) as Ren Ying Ying (daughter of Sun Moon Holy Cult head master Ren Wo Xing, Ling Hu Chong love)
Yang Rong (杨蓉) as Yue Lingshan (daughter of Yue Buqin & Ning Zhong Ze, likes Lin Pingzhi)
Chen Xiao (陈晓) as Lin Pingzhi/Lin Yuan Tu (disciple of Mount Hua Sect, son of Lin Zhen Nan)
Howie Huang (黄文豪) as Yue Buqun (head master of Mount Hua Sect, Ling Hu Chong teacher)
Yang Ming Na (杨明娜) as Ning Zhong Ze (wife of Yue Buqun, mother of Yue Lingshan)
Hei Zi (黑子) as Ren Wo Xing (head master of Sun Moon Holy Cult, father of Ren Yingying)
Deng Sha (邓莎) as Yi Lin (disciple of Hua Shan Pai, likes Ling Hu Chong)
Han Dong (韩栋) as Tian Boguang
Kelsey Lu (吕佳容) as Lan Feng Huang (Wu Du priest)
Brian Leung (梁家仁) as Feng Qingyang (founder of Mount Hua Sect)
Zhang Zhuo Wen (张倬闻) as Lu Da You (sixth disciple of Mount Hua Sect)
Cheng Cheng (程诚) as Lao Denuo (second disciple of Mount Hua Sect)
Sun Binhao (孙彬皓) as Xiang Wen Tian (Sun Moon Holy Cult, sworn brother with Ling Hu Chong)
Xie Ning (谢宁) as Lao Tou Zi (Old Ancestor of the Yellow River)
Zhang Xue Ying (张雪迎) as Lao Busi (daughter of Lao Tou Zi)
Shen Baoping (沈保平) as Zu Qian Qiu (Old Ancestor of the Yellow River)
Zhang Tianyang (张天阳) as Ji Wu Shi (‘night owl’)
Li Yao Jing (李耀敬) as Yu Canghai (head master of the Qingcheng Sect)
He Jia Yi (何佳怡) as Dingyi Shi Tai (‘Three Elder Nuns” leaders of the Mount Heng Sect)
Hu Dong (胡东) as Zuo Leng Shan (head leader of Mount Song Sect)
Wang Ren Jun (王仁君) as Ping Yizhi (“Famous Killer Physician”)
Bo Wen Jing (包文婧) as Yi Yu (disciple of Mount Heng Sect)
Huo Zheng Yan (霍政谚) as Liu Zhengfeng (‘Third Master Liu’ leader of Mount Heng Sect)
Zhou Mu Yin (周牧茵) as Liu Fu Ren (Liu Zhengfeng wife)
Zong Feng Yan (宗峰岩) as Qu Yang (senior elders of the Sun Moon Holy cult sect)
Dicky Cheung (张卫健) as Lu Zhu Weng (Ren Yingying’s assistant)
Guo Dong Dong (郭冬冬) as Gu Tong (Sun Moon Holy Cult Sect)
Simona Wang Shuang (王双) as Bai Ying (Sun Moon Holy Cult Sect)
Zhang Qian (张茜) as Hua Hua (Tian Boguang’s first love)

Xiao Ao Jiang Hu is an adaptation of the wuxia novel by Jin Yong. The story is about friendship and love, deception and betrayal, ambition and lust for power. In the middle of it all is, Ling Hu Chong (Wallace Huo), an orphan who is the senior student of Yue Buqun, leader of Huashan Sect, and the protagonist of the story. The story deals with his journey and development as a swordsman and his witness to the various intrigues which take place in the martial world of the story.

Joe Chen as Dongfang Bu Bai
Dongfang Bu Bai

Yang Rong as Yue Lingshan (daughter of Yue Buqin & Ning Zhong Ze, likes Lin Pingzhi)
Yue Lingshan


OST Xiao Yao (逍遥) – Wallace Huo

Ai Wo (爱我) – Pu Ti

Part 1 English

English – https://youtu.be/rzH5sB15JZ8
Khmer – https://youtu.be/7Zi7E7WRxng
กระบี่เย้ยยุทธจักร 2013 – https://youtu.be/iHmw–0Y35s

The Chinese title of the novel Xiao Ao Jiang Hu translated means ‘to live a carefree life in a mundane world of strife’ The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. If you are not familiar with Xiao Ao Jiang Hu novel, you can watch earlier adaptations of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2001 with English subtitles. You can play the online game Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Online official website. http://sssonline.iwplay.com.tw/cover/2016/0125/index.html

Swordsman (2013) (DVD) (End) (China Version)

Star Birthday
Yang Rong (Yue Lingshan) born on June 3, 1981 (35)

Swordsman 2013 Original Soundtrack