swordsman 1999

Swordsman I (1999)

Swordsman I (1999)
Release Date: September 1, 2001
English subtitles: Yes

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English Title: Swordsman I (1999)
Also Known As: Short Sabre Story
Chinese Title: 刀歌·短刀行 / Dao Ge Zhi duan dao xíng
Thai Title: จอมยุทธกำมะลอ
Vietnamese Title: Đao Ca
Genre: Martial Arts
Episodes: 16
Country: China
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese

Swordsman 1 Original Soundtrack
1. 有缘人 (You Yuan Ren) – Artist: Xuan Ming Jun (宣名君)
2. 情为何物 (Qing Wei He Wu – Artist: Chen Hao De (陈好德) & Fang Yiqi (方伊琪)

Dicky Cheung (张卫健) as Chen Yumen/Meng Xiao Hua
Tiffany Liu (刘玉婷) as Jie Hongmei (Xiao Hua’s lover)
Cui Hong Hong (崔红红) as Yan Xifeng (Chen Yumen’s widow)
Zhou Mu Yang (周木杨) as Qin Yulan
He Zhong Hua (何中华) as Xiao Hou Ye (Luo Jin Fei fiancé)
Lin Xiao Lou (林小楼) as Shui Xian (Chen Yumen’s maid, admire Xiao Hua)
Yang Dong (杨东) as Mu Dan (Chen Yumen’s maid)
Zhang Zhen Huan (张振寰) as Cheng Jingtai (Chen Yumen sworn brother)
Qu Zhong Heng (屈中恒) as Sun Shang Xiang (Chen Yumen third sworn brother)
Zhou Shaodong (周绍栋) as Shi Bao Shan
Chen Hong Lie (陈鸿烈) as Wu Xin Dao Chang (Taoist)

Leader of the pugilistic world, ShenYuMen ( Dicky Cheung ) was killed by the QingYiLou sect leader ChenShiYuan. Fearing that knowing the leader of pugilistic is dead, there will be no peace to the pugilistic world, the three followers of ShenYuMen under forced circumstances found themselves a Chef who looked just like the pugilistic leader ShenYuMen he was forced to impersonate ShenYuMen to keep the pugilistic world situations on hold.


English subtitles – Part 1 press cc

English , จอมยุทธกำมะลอ, Đao Ca 1999

This is an absolutely funny tv drama series starring Dicky Cheung and a rare find because is made in the 90s. The DVD is rare to find because it is out of print. Will update when DVD becomes available.

Swordsman 1 (1999) Original Soundtrack
有缘人 – Xuan Ming Jun