Snack Fever Korean Sweeties

Mmmh… Muah… Muah… to my sweeties. This is a review of a monthly subscription box, Snack Fever, Mmmm… Mmm… Hmmh…??? Secrets… yummy snacks shipped worldwide out of Korea.

Snack Fever
Snack Fever is a monthly subscription box filled with everything that is Yum Yums! That is all Korean snacks! that includes, sweets, cookies, candies, drinks, beauty & fan based k-pop items & of course unrevealing surprises you will luV, the sweeties.

You can also give this as a gift to families & friends, the little cutsie (nieces & cousins), grandparents, loves ones. Each month box is a different theme of surprises. Who doesn’t like to receive surprise gift boxes filled with sweets of surprises. bubble. bubble. gum pOp… POp…

Snack Fever Subscription Box Size

First you choose your preferred box size you want, than choose how many months you want your snack box delivered 2U.

* Mini box (4-7 items) – Price: $12.99 + 2.99 Shipping
* Original box (8-12 items) – Price: 23.99 + $3.99 Shipping
* Deluxe box (10-15 items) – Price: $38.99 + $5.99 Shipping

Worldwide shipping out of Korea!

Snack Fever Subscription Monthly Plans

* 1 Month Plan
* 3 Month Prepay Plan
* 6 Month Prepay Plan
* 12 Month Prepay Plan

Each plan automatically renews but you can cancel anytime from your account.

Original Box October 2017 Halloween theme

I placed my online order on October 8, 2017 for the Original Box Size, and used a $2 off coupon for your 1st order. Total: $24.96 includes tax. You will received a separate email when your box is shipped with a tracking number. My October box arrived on October 30, 2017. (shipping will be different depending on your location)

Korean snackbox

Inside October SnackFever box (11 item total)

* Spicy Chicken Potato Chips (taste like spicy Korean fried chicken)
* 2 Oh Yes Orange (chocolate with orange crème filling)
* 2 Ice Cream Bar Flavored Lollipop (Korean ice cream flavors in lollipop form)
* ToyPlay YANGDDING x ACAU (this is a mystery egg inspired by two famous Korean gaming Youtubers, YANGDDING and ACAU, Minecraft theme)
* 3 Milk Caramel Candies (milk caramel candies)
* Nuneddine cookies (Italian inspired chocolate cracker)
* Crunchy Waffles-Milk Melon (milk-melon flavored wafers *LOVE IT*)
* Sour Chewy Lemon Cola Flavor (like sour candies but Cola-lemon flavor, Mmmm… *one of my new favorite candies*)
* Larva Cookie (Named after a Korean kids’ fairy tale, cheese favored cookies)
* Halloween Tattoos Sticker Set (for the Deluxe box u get BTS stickers)
* Mask Pack (Beauty item)

I LuV Luv my SnackFever box, it was a Halloween theme for the October box, I am very happy to receive a box full of surprises & will also consider giving this as a gift with a monthly plan to my nieces & friends. Shipping was on a timely manner and with no problems.

* Place your order before the end of the month to get that month box as early as possible.
* Shipping Worldwide out of Korea!
* Each month is a new theme box!
* Secret snacks including items only sold in Korea!
* You should also know K-pop boy band BTS is also a Snack Fever fan. BTS Snack Fever

Q & A
Should you buy a monthly Korean snackbox full of sweets or go to the Asian grocery store to get my snacks?
No & Yes, you should not feel suspicious about getting your Korean snacks from your usual grocery store, but if you don’t live by any of the Korean sweets & you like surprises you can just consider getting your snacks delivered monthly to you from Snack Fever. The price of the monthly plan for each box is reasonable to how much you usually would spend on snacks each month.

Snack Fever November’s theme is ‘Your idol’s favorite!’
Don’t miss your chance to try your first subscription box from Korea! Order before November 30th!

Snack Fever November 2017 ‘Your idol’s favorite!’ (second box)

November snackfever

This is the second monthly subscription box, I received it on November 23, 2017 in a timely matter. Wow.. You can see I got lots of goodies very generous, got some K-pop BST stickers and face mask.

* Kpop Idol’s BTS Mask
* BTS Stickers
* EXO Cube Sticker
* Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee (3 packets)
* Haitai Ice Cube Cafe Coffee Candy
* Nongshim Banana Kick (top favorite! just like Cheetos puff, but banana flavor!) You can buy these @ Ebay
* Nongshim Fried Chicken Snack BBQ
* Lotte Yo-Hi Wafer (Yogurt flavored wafers, hmm… I love wafers cookies)
* Pepero Double Dip Yogurt
* Pepero Almond Chocolate
* Pepero Vanilla Black Cookie
* Orion Aisyeo Candy (sour candies)

Overall luvs, I had no problem with receiving my Snack Fever monthly box for the second time and I appreciated all the new delicious treats, my eyes pop pop to see all the delicious new Asian treats from Korea! I will absolutely give this as a gift to Love ones!

❤ L0VE Snack Fever, Click here

Most of these snacks can be found @ Ebay

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, All reviews are real of my own but I have used my affiliate link in this post and I hope you will Love This!