Rose Martial World (2008)

Rose Martial World (2008)

Wallace chung

Also known as: Roses of Jiang Hu
Chinese Title: Mei Gui Jiang Hu / 玫瑰江湖
Khmer Title: កូឡាបពិភពគុន
Vietnamese Title: Mai Khôi Giang Hồ
Genre: Wuxia / Romance
Episodes: 30
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Mei Gui Jiang Hu Original Soundtrack
1. Jiang Hu Yao (江湖谣) – Artist: Mickey He (何晟铭)
2. Hua Kai Hua Luo (花开花落) – Artitst: Sun Fei Fei (孙菲菲)

Huo Siyan (霍思燕) as Jun Qi Luo (likes Mu Sheng)
Sun Fei Fei (孙菲菲) as Shen Si Ru (likes Mu Sheng)
Wallace Chung (钟汉良) as Mu Sheng (likes Jun Qiluo)
Sammul Chan (陈键锋) as Ming Shao Qing (likes Shen Si Ru)
Damian Lau (刘松仁) as Jun Wu Ji (father of Jun Qiluo)
Sheren Tang (邓萃雯) as Yin Xue Han (mother of Jun Qiluo)
Mickey He (何晟铭) as Lin Chu Yi (likes Jun Qiluo)
Song Yang (宋洋) as Shu Huai
William Feng (冯绍峰) as Cen Ye Tong
Wang Xiao Chen (王晓晨) as Hua Jie Yu
Wei Xiao Jun (魏小军) as Yun Jiang
Xiao Yu Yu (肖雨雨) as Yang Xi Bing
Zhang Chun Zhong (张春仲) as Yuan Tiangang
Marco Li (李耀敬) as Zhànshén
Han Zhen Hua (韩振华) as Lin Fu
Guo Yong Zhen (国永振) as Zheng Mu
Zhou Bowen (周博文) as Dà niú

江湖谣 – Mickey He

花开花落 – Sun Fei Fei

Fan Made MV


Born into the wealthy and well-known Jun family of Ji Shi Villa, Jun Qi Luo (Huo Siyan) has never lacked for anything. She grew up with Shen Si Ru (Sun Fei Fei), an orphan adopted by the Jun family. Although outwardly gentle and obedient, a ball of fire burns in Si Ru’s heart, as she has always innately envied Qi Luo. As fate would have it, the two girls fall in love with the same man, Mu Sheng (Wallace Chung), but he loves only Qi Luo. Qi Luo and Mu Sheng separate in order to allow Mu Sheng to pursue his ideals, but agree to meet again and wed when he has achieved success. Taking advantage of Mu Sheng’s absence, Si Ru instigates her evil plans, setting off a chain of events that would change the lives of everyone involved.

This tv drama has English subtitles to only episodes 2 at and I don’t know why they stopped subbing it but Wallace Chung looks so nice because of his mixed modern hair & wuxia look. Watch it on episode 3 on 2:00 and you will see when Wallace Chung appears in front of Jun Qiluo. I own this DVD and I will buy any wuxia series that stars Wallace Chung. You should consider buying this drama dvd before it also goes out of print. I love watching the relationship between Mu Sheng (Wallace Chung) with Jun Qiluo (Huo Siyan) & Shen Si Ru (Sun Fei Fei). In love, you could be fated to meet each other but cannot be together.

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Premiere DAte: January 22, 2009

Rose Martial World Original Soundtrack
1. Hua Kai Hua Luo – Sun Fei Fei
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