Princess of Lanling King (2016)

Princess of Lanling King (2016)
English subtitles: Yes

Also known as: Royal Princess of Orchid Hills (2016)
Chinese Title: Lan Ling Wang Fei / 兰陵王妃
Thai Title: องค์หญิงหลันหลิง
Vietnamese Title: Lan Lăng Vương Phi
Genre: Ancient Legend / Romance
Director: Ye Zhao Yi
Episodes: 50
Language: Mandarin
Country: China

Princess of Lanling King Original Soundtrack
1. Ying Huo (萤火) Firefly – Artist: Ivan Huang Yue (黄阅)
2. Bi an (彼岸) The Other Side – Artist: Dong Zhen (董贞)
3. Meng Qiannian zhi lian (夢千年之戀) – Artist: Jin Sha (金莎)
4. Dengdai de chenmo (等待的沉默) – Artist:
5. Bi An (彼岸) The Other Side – Artist: Ivan Huang Yue (黄阅)

Kristy Zhang Han Yun (张含韵) as Yuan Qing Suo/Li Ezi (LanLing Princess)
Andy Chen Yi (陈奕) as Gao Changgong (Prince of Lanling)
Pengguan Ying (彭冠英) as Yuwen Yong (Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou, Yuwen Yu’s brother)
Kris Shen (沈建宏) as Yuwen Yu (Emperor Ming of Northern Zhou, Yuwen Yong’s younger brother)
Hua Jiao (华娇) as Yan Wan (loves Yuwen Yong, Xiang Wu Chen’s apprentice)
Gilbert Lam (林韋辰) as Yuwen Hu (Northern Zhou Dynasty prime minister, Yuwen Yong’s cousin)
Wang Jiexi (王洁曦) as Xiao Luo Yun (Gao Changgong’s fiancée, Hulu Guang cousin)
Edward Zhang (张晓晨) as Xiang Wu Chen
Lily Tien (田麗) as Zi Mei (Lanling’s mother)
Zhao Qin (秦钊) as Miao Wu Yin
Theresa Fu (傅颖) as A Shi Na (Empress Ashina of Northern Zhou, Yuwen Yong’s queen)
Steven Zhang (张子文) as Hulu Guang (Lan ling’s friend)
Hua Yi Han (华艺涵)
Tang Yu Meng (唐妤萌) as Tao Hua (likes Xiang Wu Chen)
Liu Shuai Liang (刘帅良) as Zhuge Wu Xue
Peter Ho (何润东) as Wu Mingche (general)
Yin Qi (尹淇) as Bixiang
Gong Hamin (龚海铭) as Jin Hu (Yuwen Hu’s right handman)


Andy Chen as Gao Changgong (Prince of Lanling)

Kristy Zhang as Yuan Qing Suo (LanLing Princess)
Kristy Zhang

Pengguan Ying as Yuwen Yong (Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou)
Pengguan Ying

Kris Shen as Yuwen Yu (younger brother Yuwen Yong, Emperor Ming of Northern Zhou)
Yuwen Yu

Theresa Fu as A Shi Na (Yuwen Yong’s queen, Empress Ashina of Northern Zhou)

Hua Jiao as Yan Wan (loves Yuwen Yong, Xiang Wu Chen’s apprentice)
Yan Wan

Wang Jiexi as Xiao Luo Yun (Lan Ling Wang’s fiancée, Hulu Guang cousin)
Xiao Luo Yun

Lily Tien as Zi Mei (Lan Ling’s mother)
Lily Tien

Peter Ho as Wu Mingche

LanLing Princess
LanLing Princess


Ying Huo (萤火) (Ending theme)

Bi an (彼岸)

Meng Qiannian zhi lian (夢千年之戀)

English –

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Princess of Lan Ling King is adapted from Yang Qian Zi (杨千紫) 2009 internet novel ‘The Royal Prince of Orchid Hills’. The story tells the legend of the Qingluan mirror and Lican sword which is said to be able reunite the country when possessed by the owner. The items once formerly owned by the Dragon Sect are now lost. Before the demise of the Dragon Sect leader, the information regarding the location of these heirlooms is handed down to the only remaining maiden-Duan Mu Ling. She is told by her master that she is not to give away the location to anyone as it could in the wrong hands bring about chaos.

Upon the death of her master, she goes in search of the lost mirror and sword under the guise of the high official from the Northern Zhou Court Si Kong’s wife’s niece. During her journey she comes across the Prince Gao Chang Gong (a.k.a Prince of Orchid Hills) and Yu Wen Yong. Her romance blooms with both and she must choose who to help and who to love. source;

The sudden sad news is actress Wang Jiexi who is cast to play as Xiao Luo Yun which is LanLing’s fiancée and Hulu Guang cousin has suddenly died on July 9, 2015 due to leukemia. She was only 26 years old. Wang Jiexi also starred in, The Virtuous Queen of Han 2014 and tv drama New Legend Xiao Shi Yilang 2015.

Princess of Lanling King has been postponed for a broadcast date since 2013 and has finally broadcast on September 29 2016 on Mango TV online. Two weeks since it broadcast it has reach 200 millions online views on its 15th episode on Mango TV. It broadcast on November 13 on Hunan TV. Follow us on twitter for new updates and OST downloads.

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Broadcast Date: September 29, 2016 Mango

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1. Ying Huo (萤火) – Ivan Huang Yue
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2. Meng Qiannian zhi lian (夢千年之戀) – Artist: Jin Sha (金莎)
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