Painted Skin-3

Painted Skin 3: The Curse Of Shadow (2017)

Painted Skin 3: The Curse Of Shadow (2017)
English Subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: Huapi 3: Yingzi De Zuzhou/画皮3 影子的诅咒
Genre: Fantasy / Mystery / Romance
Duration: 120 mins
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Zhao Wei (赵薇) as An Shou
Zhou Xun (周迅) as Xiao Wei
Liu Yi Fei (刘亦菲) as Xian Gu
Tang Yan (唐嫣) as Bu Lu You Lan
Yang Mi (杨幂) as Qiao Er
William Feng (冯绍峰) as Pang Lang
Wallace Chung (钟汉良) as Xiao Yi

Painted Skin 3 produced by Ningxia Film Studio is a supernatural romance Chinese novel written by Pu Songling’s (蒲松龄) book of supernatural short stories “Strange Tales from Liaozhai ” (聊斋志异), Liaozhai zhiyi, which consisted of 431 strange tales of the supernatural written during the Qing dynasty. Pu interest was to criticized the immoral behavior of people and sought to educate people through his writings, in which he incorporates Confucian and Taoist principles such examples as in Painted Skin (Hua Pi).

This is the third installment of the Painted Skin film series. You can watch the first two episodes, Painted Skin 2008, Painted Skin 2: The Resurrection 2012. The television series, Painted Skin 2011, & Painted Skin 2: No Regrets for Real Love 2013 both available with English subtitles.

When asked if Chen Kun will return for Painted Skin 3 he replied, “I am to old for this role there are other actors who will be more appropriate”. It is reported that Huang Xiao Ming might replace Chen Kun but not yet confirmed.

The original cast will not return and Chen Kun will probably be replaced by Huang Xiao Ming and Bai Bai He to replace Zhou Xun but the casting is still not yet confirm. Recently in media news Painted Skin 3 will begin filming next year 2017. Follow us on twitter for new updates, more info coming!

Release Date: 2017

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