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Old Nine Gates (2016)

Title: The Mystic Nine (2016)
Release Date: July 2016
English subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: Lao Jiu Men / 老九门
Vietnamese Title: Lão Cửu Môn
Genre: Mystery / Action
Episodes: 48
Language: Mandarin
Country: China

Original Soundtrack
1. 我门 (Wo Men) – Artist: William Chan (陈伟霆)
2. 典狱司 (Dian Yu Si) – Artist: Li Nan (李楠)
3. 还魂门 (Huan hun men) – Artist: Anson Hu Yan Bin (胡彦斌)

William Chan (陈伟霆) as Zhang Qi Shan (Changsha officer)
Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖) as Yin Xin Yue (wife of Zhang Qi Shan)
Zhang Yixing (张艺兴) as Er Yue Hong (opera performer, loves Ya Tou)
Yuan Bing Yan (袁冰妍) as Ya Tou (wife of Er Yue Hong)
Ying Hao Ming (应昊茗) as Qi Tie Zui (skilled in fortune telling)
Wang Mei Ren (王美人) as Huo Jin Xi (head of the Huo Family, likes Er Yue Hong)
Dean Wang Chuang (王闯) as Lu Jian Xun (Zhang Qi Shan political enemy)
Hu Yun Hao (胡耘豪) as Chen Pi A-Si (skilled in fighting)
Zhang Ming En (张铭恩) as Zhang Fu Quan (Zhang Qi Shan’s assistant)
Edward Zhang (张鲁一) as Wu Lao Gou
Li Nai Wen (李乃文) as Ban Jie Li
Li Zong Han (李宗翰) as Hei Bei Lao Liu (lonesome swordsman)
Yang Zi Jiang (杨紫茳) as Jie Jiu Ye (Jie Lian Huan’s father, Jie Yu Chen’s grandfather)

William Chan as Zhang Qi Shan (Changsha officer)

Zhang Qi Shan

Zhao Li Ying as Yin Xin Yue (wife of Zhang Qi Shan)
Yin Xin Yue

Zhang Yixing as Er Yue Hong (opera performer, loves Ya Tou)
Er Yue Hong

Yuan Bing Yan as Ya Tou (wife of Er Yue Hong)
Ya Tou

Ying Hao Ming as Qi Tie Zui (skilled in fortune telling)
Qi Tie Zui


OST – Wo Men by William Chan

Dian Yu Si – Li Nan

还魂门 – Anson Hu


English –

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Old Nine Gates is an adaptation of the novel series Dao Mu Bi Ji (盗墓笔记) translated as Tomb Robbers, Grave Robbers’ Chronicles, and has a total of nine volumes. Daomu is written by Chinese author, Xu Lei (徐磊) also known as Nanpai Sanshu (南派三叔). This is the prequel to the previous television series which starred Li Yifeng, The Lost Tomb.

The story is set in the 1930s during the Japanese invasion of China and the story focuses on the exploits of the nine grave robbing families. With the help of his friends Fortune Teller Qi Tie Jue and Opera Singer Er Yue Tou, General Zhang Qi Shan entered into a strange mine to discover a mysterious ancient tomb. After many untold dangers, he uncovered a Japanese plot to kill the residents of Changsha city. The men banded together to stop the Japanese’s plot, thereby saving their city.

Magnetic Press has just recently published a 244 pages hardcover graphic novel English version of Daomu on February 25, 2015 personally written by Xu “Kennedy” Lei & Colin Johnson. Xu Lei is known as “China’s Stephen King.” because his novels is most sought after and Daomu is one of the top selling novels in China. You can purchase the novel on EBay Buy or at Yesasia. Visit Magnetic Press Publishing website: for more info.
Media Trailer Daomu novel:

Zhang Yi Xing leading the role as Er Yue Hong is born on October 7, 1991 he is a Chinese singer, actor, and dancer. He is also known as (Lay) in Korean he is a member of EXO, a Chinese-South Korean boyband. Er Yue Hong is a feminist opera performer by day and a grave robber by night, known as a flower boy. You can watch Lay in his new single Monodrama (独角戏) and purchase a EXO Edition mango lip balm by South Korean brand Nature Republic at Yesstyle. EXO just release their 3rd new album, EX’ACT – The 3rd Album – EXOEXO – Monster MV.

Old Nine Gates release a film version, The Mystic Nine The Side Story starring Zhang Yixing. Here is something special for you, Dian Yu Si (典獄司) Pipa ending theme song. Old Nine Gates first broadcast on Qiyi online & Dragon TV on July 4, 2016.

The Mystic Nine (2016)(DVD), Mandarin, English subtitles, $63.99 – Yesasia

Download Original Soundtrack
我门 (Wo Men) – William Chan (陈伟霆)


2. 典狱司 (Dian Yu Si) – Li Nan (ending theme)
3. 还魂门 (Huan hun men) (Rain of Love) – Anson Hu Yan Bin
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The Mystic Nine Original TV Soundtrack (OST)

from: YesAsia