Ni Shui Han

Ni Shui Han (2004)

Ni Shui Han (2004)

English Title: Cool Sword / Treacherous Waters (2004)
Chinese Title: 逆水寒 / Ni Shui Han
Thai Title:
Vietnamese Title: Nghịch Thủy Hàn Kiếm
Genre: Martial Arts / Wuxia
Episodes: 40
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Ni Shui Han 2004 Original Soundtrack
1. Ni Shui Han (逆水寒) – Artist: Yan Chang (演唱)
2. Shangxin Xiao Jian (伤心小箭) – Artist: Li Yue Jun (李悦君)
Julian Cheung (张智霖) as Qi Shao Shang
Wallace Chung (钟汉良) as Gu Xi Zhao
Li Xiao Ran (李小冉) as Xi Hong Lei (likes Qi Shao Shang)
Song Jia (宋佳) as Fu Wan Qing (Gu Xi Zhao’s wife, daughter of Fu Zong Shu, Tie Shou past lover, skilled in medicine)
Ben Wong (黄智贤) as Tie Shou (Iron hand Famous four constables)
Yu Na (于娜) as Ruan Ming Zheng (likes Qi Shao Shang)

Song Jia as Fu Wan Qing (Gu Xi Zhao’s wife)
Fu Wan Qing

Ni Shui Han – Yan Chang

Fan MV

Shangxin Xiao Jian – Li Yue Jun

Fan MV

Nghịch Thủy Hàn Kiếm –
Khmer –
กระบี่โหดคลั่งฟ้า –

Ni Shui Han is one of the top martial arts drama series adapted from wuxia novel writer Wen Rui An. It is one of the stories related to the famous novel series, ‘Si Da Ming Bu’ (The Four), featuring The Four Famous Constables. In this drama the four famous constables helps the protagonist Qi Shao Shang (Julian Cheung) finds justice.

Ni Shui Han is a wuxia drama that combines the delicacy of the characters’ internal struggles with martial arts. Based on Wen Rui An’s original novel, Ni Shui Han follows the journey of Qi Shao Shang in his quest to find the truth behind his sword, Ni Shui Han. Gu Xi Zhao is the antagonist in this story. He pursues Qi Shao Shang in hopes of stopping him before he finds the truth of the sword. The characters, in their clashes and struggles, weigh the importance of loyalty and justice and the meaning of love and life. Ni Shui Han examines several layers of human feelings and the meaning of life for the characters. It is much more than just a martial arts drama; it is a touching story about truth and life. — NovaMania

I own this drama series on DVD and this would be one of the top martial arts television series out there. It has a strong plot with many profound characters with skilled martial arts. The love relationship of Julian Cheung with his love & Wallace Chung and his love is a must see. I like that the story is related to the four famous guards ‘Si Da Ming Bu’. The DVD is rare to find because it is out of print. You can find the English subtitles to Ni Shui Han at this website.

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Recent media news, As of 2017 there is news that there is going to be a film adaptation of Ni Shui Han (2018), follow us on fb & twitter for new updates!

Broadcast Date: 2004

Star Couple
Julian Cheung Anita Yuen