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Make Me Shudder 2: Mae Nak Horror (2014)

Make Me Shudder 2: Mae Nak Horror (2014) 3D
Release Date: Thailand – April 10, 2014 / Brunei – June 5, 2014 / Cambodia – May 15, 2014 / Malaysia – June 5, 2014 / Philippine – June 4, 2014 / Singapore – June 12, 2014 / Taiwan – July 4, 2014 / Vietnam – June 20, 2014
DVD Release Date: July 1, 2014 Thai Version
Official Website –
English subtitles: Yes

Thai Title: มัธยมปากหมาท้าแม่นาค / Mat Ta Yom Pak Mha Ta Mae Nak
Chinese Title: 這個高中沒有鬼2
Khmer Title: ខ្ញុំខ្លាចហើយម៉ែណាត
Vietnamese Title: Ngôi Trường Ma 2
Director: Poj Apirut
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Duration: 1hr 58m
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai

Make Me Shudder 2: Mae Nak Horror 3D Original Soundtrack
1. แม่นาคช่วยที (Mae Nak Help) – Artist: Cast module 6 (ทีมนักแสดง มอ6)

Cast: Nick Kunatip Pinpradab (คนอื่่นๆ ที่ชื่อ), Puvadol Vechwongsa, Kittipat Samarntragulchai, Worachai Sirikongsuwan, Rittichai Tasarika, Brian Garton, Net – Sirapob Manitikun (สิรภพ มานิธิคุณ), Wanida Termtanaporn, Pongpich Prechaborisuthgul


Mae Nak Help – Cast module 6


“Meet the scariest ghost in Thai history”

Make Me Shudder 2 is the second installment to the Make Me Shudder film series, last to the installment Make Me Shudder 3.

After the challenge at restricted school area (in Make Me Shudder), Nick, Bew, James and his friends are now preparing for their university admission. Due to their lack of study, James brought his friends to have a blessing from Mae Nak Shrine. Nick did not believe in Mae Nak. He then insulted Mae Nak in front of his friends as always. Suddenly, a paranormal event brought the student gang back in time. They found themselves in Mae Nak’s realm. The student gang decided to seek for any clue that would bring them back to their home.

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Make Me Shudder 2 Original Soundtrack


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