The Lost Swordship (2017)

The Lost Swordship (2017)

Chinese Title: Piao xiang jian yu 飘香剑雨
Vietnamese Title: Phiêu Hương Kiếm Vũ
Director: Hu Ming Kai 胡明凯
Genre: Martial Arts Novel
Episodes: 36
Country: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin

Wu You (吴优) as Sun Min
Ming Ren Yan Kai (任言恺) as Yi Feng
Gavin Gao Guang Ze (高广泽) as Zhong Jing
Xiao Yan (肖燕) as Tang Chun
Tang Jing Jing (汤晶晶) as Xue Ruo Bi (wife of Yifeng)
Jia Zong Chao (贾宗超) as You Da Jun
Liu Mei Lin (刘玫麟) as Xiao Nan Ping
Luo Ming Jie (骆明劼) as Ling Bei Xiu

Ming Ren Yan Kai as Yi Feng
Yi Feng
yi feng

Wu You as Sun Min
Sun Min

Xiao Yan as Tang Chun
tang chun

Jia Zong Chao as You Da Jun
You Da Jun


Jianghu Meng (江湖梦)

Jian Zhi Xin – Cui Yi Shao

The Lost Swordship is a web drama series adaptation based on the classic martial arts novel written by Gu Long of the same name, Piao Xiang Jian Yu 飘香剑雨 ‘Flowing Fragrance Sword Rain’.

The story is about a fragrant sword and a deadly cult of the martial art world The Sky Clan and their leader known as The Bishop is after the fragrant sword. Yi Feng is the heir to the fragrant sword, one day Yi Feng’s return home and his wife Xue Ruo Bi (Tang Jing Jing) is missing and he goes in search for her, along the way he meets new people and takes out all the evil fighters of the cult. The only first film adaptation of The Lost Swordship was released in 1978. You can watch it here.

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Premiere Date: February 8, 2018

Star Birthday
Ming Ren Yan Kai (Yi Feng) – February 27, 1984 (34)

Original Soundtrack
1. Jianghu Meng (江湖梦) – Artist: Gavin Gao Guang Ze (高广泽)、Jia Zong Chao (贾宗超)、Luo Ming Jie (骆明劼)、Cui Yi Shao (崔一少) – opening
2. Jian Zhi Xin (剑指心) – Artist: Cui Yi Shao (崔一少) – ending