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Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003)

Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003)
Release Date: February 1, 2003
English Subtitles: Yes

Also known as: The Eagle Shooting Heroes / Legend of the Arching Hero
Chinese Title: 射鵰英雄傳 / She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan
Thai Title: มังกรหยก2003
Vietnamese Title: Anh Hùng Xạ Điêu 2003
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 42
Country: China
Language: Chinese

Legend of the Condor Heroes 2003 Original Soundtrack
1. 天地都在我心中 (Tiandi dou zai wo xinzhong) – Artist: Qiu Ye (秋野)
2. 真情真美 (Zhenqing Zhenmei) – Artist: Sun Nan (孙楠) & Valen Hsu (许茹芸)

Li Yapeng (李亞鵬) as Guo Jing
Zhou Xun (周迅) as Huang Rong
Zhou Jie (周杰) as Yang Kang (loves Mu Nianci)
Jiang Qin Qin (蒋勤勤) as Mu Nianci (loves Yang Kang)
Yang Li Ping (杨丽萍) as Mei Chaofeng
Cao Pei Chang (曹培昌) as Huang Yaoshi (Huang Rong’s father)
He Qing (何晴) as Bao Xiruo
Zhao Liang (赵亮) as Zhou Botong
A Si Ru (阿斯茹) as Hua Zheng
You Yong (尤勇) as Ouyang Feng
Xiu Qing (修庆) as Ouyang Ke
Sun Hai Ying (孙海英) as Hong Qigong
Bao Da Zhi (鲍大志) as Wanyan Honglie
Lu Li Ping (吕丽萍) as Li Ping
Ding Hai Feng (丁海峰) as Yang Tie Xin
Ba Sen (巴森) as Cheng Ji Si Han (Genghis Khan)
Wang Wei Guo (王卫国) as Nan Di
Zhou Hao Dong (周浩东) as Qiu Chu Ji
Ba Yin (巴音) as Zhebie
Zhang Jizhong (张纪中) as Wang Chongyang
Liu Li Wei (刘立伟) as Ke Zhen E

Li Yapeng as Guo Jing
Guo Jing

Zhou Jie as Yang Kang (loves Mu Nianci)
Yang Kang

Jiang Qin Qin as Mu Nianci (loves Yang Kang)
 Mu Nianci

Yang Li Ping as Mei Chaofeng
mei chaofeng

OST – Tiandi dou zai wo xinzhong by Qiu Ye

Zhenqing Zhenmei by Sun Nan & Valen Hsu

Part 1 English

English – https://youtu.be/C4l54rlQxFM
Thai – มังกรหยก2003
Vietnamese – https://youtu.be/NKyN6hZX7d0

Legend of the Condor Heroes 2003 is the first part to The Condor Heroes trilogy series written by Jin Yong. Li Yapeng also stars in an adaptation of Louis Cha’s Wuxia novel Linghu Chong in, Laughing in the Wind 2001.

Based on the novel “Legend of Condor Hero” by Jin Yong, the story is set in the middle of Song Dynasty and at the beginning of the Nuzhen Invasion of China. Two dedicated Song Dynasty young men, Yang Tie Xin (Ding Hai Feng) and Guo Xiao Tian find out that their wives are pregnant. They promise each other that when their children are born, they would become either sworn brothers or sworn sisters (if both are the same gender) or be married if they were of different genders. One night they befriend a Taoist priest named Qiu Chuji of Quan Zhen Sect who’s wanted by Jin soldiers. Qiu Chuji dispatches soldiers coming to arrest him with ease and leaves when he sees a signal of his Sect appear in the night sky.

Yang’s kind hearted wife, Bao Xirou, rescues a wounded man who turns out to be the Jin prince Wanyan Honglie. When the Jin soldiers return, the two families are torn asunder. Wanyan Honglie takes Bao Xirou to the Jin capital while Guo Li Ping is taken by a greedy Jin soldier, Duan Tiande, to the Mongolian outskirts. Both women believe that their husbands perished trying to save them.

Upon discovering his friends’ demise, Qiu Chuji vows to find their children and teach them martial arts so that they can avenge the wrong done to their families. Hot on the trail of Duan Tiande, Qiu Chuji “befriends” The 7 Weirdos of Jiangnan. In exchange for helping Qiu Chuji find the two women, they make a friendly wager. Upon finding the children of Yang and Guo, each side will teach the child they find their martial arts. On the 18th birthday of the two children, they will all gather and have the two duel each other. The rest of the series depicts the trials and tribulations that the two sons underwent. Guo Jing, Guo Xiao Tian’s son, grows up in Mongolia under the protection of Genghis Khan. Yang Kang, on the other hand, grows up as a prince in the Jin Empire.

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Star Birthday
Zhou Jie (Yang Kang) – August 5, 1970 (46)

Legend of the Condor Heroes 2003 Original Soundtrack


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