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Legend of Dagger Li (1999)

Legend of Dagger Li (1999)
English Subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: 小李飞刀 / Xiao Li Fei Dao
Also known as: Legend of Dagger Li / Swordsman of Flying Dagger
Thai Title: ลี้คิมฮวง ฤทธิ์มีดสั้น
Vietnamese Title: Tiểu Lý phi đao
Episodes: 42
Genre: Wuxia / Romance
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Legend of Dagger Lee Original Soundtrack
1. 小李飞刀 (Xiao li Fei Dao) (Romantic swordsman) – Artist: Xuan Ming Jun (宣名君)
2. Mei You Wo Ni Shen Me Ban (没有我你怎么办) Without Me, What Would You Do – Artist: Peter Ho (何润东)

Vincent Jiao (焦恩俊) as Li Xun Huan (Dagger Li)
Stephanie Xiao Qiang (萧蔷) as Lin Shi Yin & Mo Lan
Zheng Jia Xin (郑佳欣) as Lin Xian Er
Wu Jing (吴京) as A Fei
Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) as Xing Er
Alyssa Chia (贾静雯) as Sun Xiao Hong
Lee Lam (林立洋) as Long Xiaoyun
Ren Quan 任泉 as Shangguan Fei
Eddie Ko (高雄) as Shangguan Jin Hong


没有我你怎么办 – Peter Ho

Khmer – http://www.veoh.com/watch/v19131846XQBzqkBb
Tiểu Lý phi đao – https://youtu.be/7hTzL6Yn2Hw

The Flying Dagger of Swordsman Lee, once let loose, never misses its target. It is feared by those with guilty conscious but held in awe and respected by the righteous. It’s a dagger synonymous with justice and forgiveness. Li Xun-Huan, who wields the Flying Dagger, is one who values friendship and treats all his friends with utmost sincerity. He forgives anyone readily, even if they have harmed him before. He uses his Flying Dagger to save lives rather than to kill. However, his sworn-brother, Long Xiao-Yun, plans with a bunch of jealous pugilists, to frame him, to get rid of him.

A fellow from country-side aspires to be the best swordsman. His weapon – a bamboo sword. Belittled by all until it is too late. He is quick and lethal, sharp and smart. He is Ah-Fei (Wu Jing). His path is to cross with Li Xun-Huan and they are to become the best of friends. He is to be Li Xun-Huan’s most loyal friend. However, he also wishes to beat him in a duel to prove that he is number one.

A mysterious old man and his bright grand-daughter. Together they spin tales. Tales of heros. Tales of Li Xun Huan and Ah Fei. Tales that touch everyone’s heart. Tales that are not tales but truths. Truths that hurt the hypocrites. Nothing seems to escape their eyes. Not even the dastardly deeds of the two-faced pugilists from reputable sects. Who are these two story-tellers? What part do they play in the pugilistic world?

Legend of Dagger Li stars Taiwanese actor Vincent Jiao as Li Xun Huan this is the first series adapted from the wuxia novel series Xiaoli Feidao by Gu Long, Duo Qing Jian Ke Wu Qing Jian (多情劍客無情劍). Li Xun Huan is known for his signature marital arts weapon Little Flying Daggers and this first series tells his life adventures with his friend A Fei (Wu Jing). Li flying daggers also ranks third on Bai Xiaosheng (百晓生) fictional book of weapons the Bing Qipu (兵器譜).

From the fictional books of weapons the first powerful weapon on the list is the Tian Ji Bang (天机棒), also known as the Ruyi Bang (如意棒). It is from Duo Qing Jian Ke Wu Qing also known as Xiaoli Feidao and is the weapon of Tian Ji Lao Ren (天机老人) also known as old man Sun Laotao, Sun Baifa. Sun Laotao also has a granddaughter Sun Xiao Hong who always follows him telling stories. The Ruyi Bang is a stick weapon similar to Sun Wukong weapon.

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Broadcast Date: 1999