Qingyun Zhi 3

Legend of Chusen 3 (2018)

Legend of Chusen 3 (2018)

Qingyun Zhi 3

Chinese Title: Qingyun Zhi 3 / 青云志3
Thai Title:
Vietnamese Title:
Genre: Novel
Director: Han Xiaojun 韩晓军
Episodes: 80
Language: Mandarin
Country: China

TBD as Zhang Xiao Fan/Gu Li
TBD as Bi Yao
TBD as Lu Xueqi

zhang Xiao fan

bi yao

lu xueqi

Han Dong as Zhang Xiaofan
Zhang Xiao Fan

Legend of Chusen 3 is a television series adapted from the xianxia novel Zhu Xian (诛仙) written by Xiao Ding (萧鼎). Chusen 3 will continue on from The Legend of Chusen 2 in which Zhang Xiao Fan continues to search of ways to revive Bi Yao. The novel has a total of eight books and first published in 2006 and tells the story about the protagonist Zhang Xiaofan. The novel seeks to ask the question “What is true righteousness?”, but only find that “Heartless World, treat everything as stew dog!”, which is the main theme of the novel.

On July 2, 2017 the cast & crews held filning ceremony with some of the returning cast like, He Zhonghua、Zong FengYan, Xie Ning, and Li Ze, most who are the Qingyun Sect Leaders.

Are you having a broken heart, as we know from the last chapter Zhang Xiao Fan is idling as he continues to find ways to revive Biyao, and it could mean that in this new chapter Li Yifeng & Zhao Liying will probably not return but will be replaced by new cast. Zhao Liying is currently filming Ming Lan Chuan (明兰传) and Yang Zi is filming Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost.

The leading protagonist, Zhang Xiao Fan, Bi Yao and Lu Xueqi is still a mystery but there is already media rumors from netizens that Han Dong might be Zhang Xiao Fan and Li Man as Lu Xueqi. Doesn’t anyone think Han Dong looks & age might not be appropriate to be Zhang Xiao Fan. Follow us for new updates.

Broadcast Time: TBD