Legend of Chusen 2 (2016) | upcoming finale Chapter

Legend of Chusen/Noble Aspirations (2016)
English subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: 青雲志Ⅱ / Zhu Xian Qing Yun Zhi 2
Thai Title: จูเซียน กระบี่เทพสังหาร
Vietnamese Title: Tru Tiên – Thanh Vân Chí 2
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 18
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

Original Soundtrack
1. Shi Jian Lie Feng (時間裂縫) – Artist: Li Yi Feng
2. Ruo zhi ru chu Jian (若只如初見) – Artist: Yang Zi (楊紫)

Li Yi Feng (李易峰) as Zhang Xiaofan/Gui Li (disciple of Qing Yun Sect, right hand man of Ghost King sect)
Zhao Li Ying (赵丽颖) as Bi yao (daughter of Gui Wang Ghost King sect)
Yang Zi (杨紫) as Lu Xue Qi (Qing Yun faction)
Michael Qin (秦俊杰) as Ceng Shu Shu (disciple of Qing Yun Sect, son of Ceng Shu Chang)
Cheng Yi (成毅) as Lin Jing Yu (childhood friend with Zhang Xiaofan)
Mao Zi Jun (茅子俊) as Qin Wu Yan

Zhang Xiaofan


OST – Shi Jian Lie Feng – Li Yi Feng

Ruo zhi ru chu Jian – Yang Zi

English (1-18) – https://youtu.be/3hQ_rZ_KR8g

As of November 8, 2016 the first half of the Legend of Chusen has ended and continues on to a second chapter, Legend of Chusen 2. They have decided to put the tv series into two chapters. Legend of Chusen 2 will consist of a total of 18 episodes and will broadcast on Tencent video online and will include the original cast.

The last episode of Legend of Chusen 2 has ended on January 12, 2017 and it is to be continued to Chapter 3. It is not known yet when Chapter 3 will broadcast. Follow us on twitter for new updates and OST download info.

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Broadcast Date: December 8, 2016

Download Original Soundtrack
1. Shi Jian Lie Feng (時間裂縫) – Li Yi Feng
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legend of chusen
Publication Date: September 9, 2016, $28.35, eBay