Chinese, Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Thai Live Asian Series TV

How to get Chinese, Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Thai, Vietnamese TV Network?!

I will tell you how you can watch many international Asian channels live on your television set and it will only require a small streaming player, your HD television and an internet. This is also a more convenient way to watch international channel as a whole family from your television set and less expensive than paying for cable. There are many international Chinese channels like Hunan TV, Zhejiang TV, CCTV, Anhui TV, TVB and many of these channels are broadcasting newly release Chinese dramas series.

Step 1 – Purchase The Roku streaming player

You should get the Roku streaming player. It is one of the top most bought streaming player people buy to get live streaming channels. You connect the Roku to your television set with internet connection and you will get many live streaming TV Channels from all over the country. (This is something you will not find from some cable company that offer limited Asian channels). There are television networks that are free and some are for a subscription fee.

* Roku Streamer, $3.00 – $350, Ebay
* Best Buy – Retail $83.99 – Order online and Pickup in Stores! Free Shipping on order over $35

Note: This is a review on the Roku 3. The Roku comes in many version and the newest release it the Roku 4 which works on HDTVs!, retails for $129.99. I wouldn’t worry much on which to buy for price and value wise, and just get the latest version for a reasonable value and product. But if you are vary on price and quality you can get whatever is convenient for you.

You can buy the Roku from participating stores like Best Buy, Walmart or Costco. You can also find a new or used Roku for a lower price on Ebay.
* Roku comes with a warranty but you should be cautious and buy on your own accord on buying the extra warranty from the store or online.

The Roku 3 retails at $99.99! at their official website. Best Buy sometimes drop the price to around $84.99! and you can order online & pickup in stores. You can either bid or buy on Ebay for a lower price. Shop wherever is convenient for you.

Roku announced that they have partnered with Dishworld service and will provide more than 50 international channels to the Roku platform. This means you will pay a monthly subscription service for their international channels from the Roku starting at around $14.99 and do not need a Dishworld satellite service. This means Dishworld will bring in more international channels along with the Roku streaming.

Their international language package includes: Arabic, Brazilian, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Spanish, English.

Step 2: Go to, to add Malimar TV to Roku.

Note: If you want to get the most of international Channels buy the new Roku 3. To get Hmong, Khmer, Lao Thai TV networks please go to,, if you are looking to get other International Channel go to Dishworld International Channel on the Roku player. Some channels may not be available to all households in every market or in all countries where Roku players are sold. Go to their website for more info.

* Once you have your Roku player you will need to setup a Free Roku account for your Roku player, (basically like a ITunes account).
* Visit this website, to add Malimar TV to your Roku. There is currently a 30 day free trial offered to try.
* Once your on their website you will get step by step instruction on how to add Malimar TV onto your Roku. Activation requires your Roku serial number.
* Go to Dishworld international channel to get Mandarin or other international Channels (look at video below for more info). For more information on dishworld international channels go to their website.

* I bought the roku 3, setup an account and added MalimarTV. Watch the video below for the review. *

review: Hmong, Lao, Khmer & Thai Live TV

Q & A
What is the best internet speed for the Roku streaming player?
The Roku player requires that you have a broad-band internet connection, a wireless or wired router and HDTV. There are many options to look for in getting the best streaming quality from the Roku. Check their website for more info.
* The wired connection is best mainly because it is more consistent compared to wireless depending on your internet speed & wireless speed also decreases due to distance from wireless router.
* Faster internet speed equals better video quality! Basically True Now! (especially if you own a HDTV this is now the new main technology for all streaming device, internet, and television).
* You need 6+ Mbps for HD quality video streaming. (720p+ quality, like Netflix)
* Certain Channels might also have different internet requirements but you should check their website for more info.

Do you need the latest version the Roku 3?
Well, is basically up to you, you need to know the Roku 3 is only for HDTVs, and if you want to get the most of international Channels from Dishworld international channels buy the new version Roku 3 but buy to your own accord. There might be a lot of channels but probably you are buying a streaming player to get a certain international channel that you might not find from your cable company or price wise. If you want all the best & newest updates get the Roku 3 for $99. Check their website for more info & to see whats best for you.

For more info:
Roku website:
Dishworld International:

Buy Roku
* Roku Streamer, $3.00 – $350, Ebay

* Best Buy – Retail $84.99 – Order online and Pickup in Stores! Free Shipping on order over $35

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