Investiture of the Gods

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The Investiture of the Gods 2014
Release Date: January 31, 2014

* The Investiture of the Gods began filming on March 2013 and completed on August 2013.

English Title: The First Myth 2014
Chinese Title: 封神英雄榜
Khmer Title: យុទ្ធសិល្ប៍ទេវបុត្រណាចា
Thai Title: เทพประยุทธ์พิชิตฟ้า
Vietnamese Title: Phong Thần Anh Hùng Bảng 2014
Genre: Ancient Myth
Episodes: 75
Region: China
Language: Mandarin

The Investiture of the Gods (2014) Original Soundtrack
1. Shen xian dao (Immortal) (神仙道) – Artist: Zhang Zhuo Wen (张倬闻)
2. Yu luo Chang An (Rain Fall down in Chang’an) (雨落长安) – Artist: Jin Lin (金琳)

Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒) as Jiang Ziya
Viann Zhang (張馨予) as Su Daji (fox spirit, concubine of King Zhou)
Johnny Zhang (张迪) as Ji Fa (King Zhou Wu)
Jiang Hong (姜鸿) as Ma Zhao Di (Jiang Ziya’s wife)
Wu Zhuo Han (吴卓翰) as Di Xin/Shang Zhou Wang (King Shang Zhou)
Madina Memet (麦迪娜) as Yu Qing (Jade Pipa Jing, Fat-Belly Guitar Pipa Jing)
Li Jinrong (李进荣) as Erlang Shen
Zheng Yitong (郑亦桐) as Feng Qing Qing (Nine-Headed Pheasant sent by Nuwa)
Zhang Xin (张迪) as Shen Gongbao
Zhang Zhuo Wen (张倬闻) as Nezha
Zhang Ming Ming (张明明) as Shen Gongbao
Jian Yuan Xin (简远信) as Ji Chang
Chen Zhi Xi (陈祉希) as Nuwa (daughter of the Jade Emperor)

OST – Shen Xian Dao – Zhang Zhuo Wen

OST – Yu luo Chang An (雨落长安) – Jin Lin

Part 1

Chinese –
Khmer –
Thai –

The Investiture of the Gods is based on the classic Chinese mythology novel Fengshen Yanyi (also known as Investiture of the Gods or Creation of the Gods) written by Xu Zhonglin and Lu Xixing.

Feng Shen Yan Yi tells the story of famous infamous Chinese fox spirit Su Daji and her depraved nature to destroy the Shang Dynasty. The story is that one day King Zhou went to pay respect to Goddess Nuwa temple but offended her. He had great lust on the sight of Goddess Nüwa’s beauty that he wrote a lewd poem on the walls of Temple Nuwa and left. When Nüwa returned she was furious at the foulness of King Zhou’s words. In her anger she swore that she will take revenge and end the Shang Dynasty for his foul words. She than sent a Thousand-Year Vixen who is Su Daji to possessed one of his concubine and bring chaos to the Shang dynasty.

This drama tv series is being subbed into English but looks like only 1 episode at The Investiture of the Gods first broadcast on January 31, 2014. There is a release of part 2 Investiture of the Gods 2.

You can also read the novel written by Katherine Liang Chew based on the story of Fengshen Yanyi (The Investiture of the Gods).
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The Investiture of the Gods 2014 Original Soundtrack
1. 雨落长安 – Jīn Lin
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