Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (2003)

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (2003)
Release Date: 2003
English subtitles: Yes

* Watch Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2003 with English subtitles.

English Title: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (2003)
Chinese Title: 倚天屠龙记 / Yi Tian Tulongji
Thai Title: ดาบมังกรหยก 2003
Vietnamese Title: Ỷ Thiên Đồ Long Ký 2003
Genre: Wuxia
Episodes: 40
Release Date: 2003
Country> China
Language Chinese

Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2003 Original Soundtrack
1. Xin Ai (心爱) – Artist: Jin Xue Feng (金学峰)
2. Ai Shang Zhang Wuji (爱上张无忌) – Artist: Mao A Min (毛阿敏)
3. Xue Lai de Shi Hou – Artist: Alec Su (苏有朋)
4. Da Sheng Shuo Ai Wo – Artist: Liu Yi Chun (劉依純)

Alec Su (苏有朋) as Zhang Cui Shan & Zhang Wu Ji
Shi Xiao Long as young Zhang Wu Ji
Alyssa Chia (贾静雯) as Zhao Min
Gao Yuanyuan (高圆圆) as Zhou Zhi Ruo
Florence Tan (陈秀丽) as Xiao Zhao
Chen Zi Han as Yanli
Zhang Tie Lin as Yang Xiao
Phyllis Quek (郭妃丽) as Yin Su Su

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre takes place during 14th Century China during the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty, roughly 100 years after the events of Return of the Condor Heroes. After decades of struggles, famine, and bitterness which the Chinese citizens blamed on the Yuan Dynasty’s misgovernment, the Martial Arts sects have begun to rebel. Prince Ruyong asks Cheng Kun, a Shaolin monk with an ulterior motive, for a plan on how to deal with the rebels.

OST – Xin Ai – Jin Xue Feng

爱上张无忌 by Mao A Min

Part 1 English

Ỷ Thiên Đồ Long Ký 2003 – Watch
ซ.ดาบมังกรหยก 2003

The New Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2003 starring Alec Su as Zhang Wuji is the last and final part to the Condor Heroes trilogy. It is about the two swords, Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre and the secrets hidden within them. Anyone who possess the Dragon Sabre would rule the world and the one who possesses the Heaven Sword can stand against the wielder of the Saber.

How is Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre related to the Condor Heroes Trilogy Series?
The two swords were created by the Eagle shooting Heroes Guo Jing & Huang Rong from Legend of the Condor Heroes (part 1) and Yang Guo from Romance of the Condor Heroes (part 2).

Guo Jing & Huang Rong are the first characters from the Condor Heroes which begins the life story of the Condor Heroes. The second part ‘Returns of the Condor Heroes’, the main protagonist is Yang Gou who is most well known famous with his love relationship with Xiao Longnu and Yang Guo is the son of Yang Kang & Mu Nianci.

The Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre revolves around the two swords and the main protagonist is Zhang Wuji. To understand the story first you need to understand the origin of the two weapons. The two weapons were reforged from a single sword called the Heavy Iron Sword which Yang Guo wielded in The Return of the Condor Heroes.

The Heavy Iron Sword belonged to a great swordsman name Dugu Qiubai, whose skills were unmatched in his lifetime. Yang Guo received the Heavy Iron Sword while he was recovering from the Love Flower’s poison and the loss of his right arm. When Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu left Xiangyang, they left the sword with Guo Jing and Huang Rong. Then the sword was melted and special steel material was added and it was reforged to become the two weapons, the Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber.

There is a secret hidden in the two powerful weapons, hidden within the blade of the Dragon Saber is a book of military strategies and maneuvers called, Wu Mu Yi Shu, written by Yue Fei. Hidden within the blade of the Heaven Sword are two scrolls detailing the powerful martial arts Nine Yin Manual and “Eighteen Dragon-Subduing Palms”.

What happen to the Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre?
The Dragon Saber was given to Guo Polu who is the son of Guo Jing and Huang Rong’s and the Heaven Sword was given to their youngest daughter Guo Xiang.

Guo Xiang, is the second daughter of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, she inherited the Heaven Sword and therefore the knowledge of the secrets hidden in the swords. She was also the first founder of Emei Sect. She became a nun and created the Emei Sect. The secret of the two weapons was only known and passed down through the leaders of the Emei Sect.

You will see Guo Jing his wife Huang Rong, and their daughter Guo Xiang character is mostly played out in Part 2 in the Returns of The Condor Heroes. Guo Xiang escapes from Xiangyang with the Heaven Sword, becomes a powerful martial artist and roams the jianghu as a youxia. At the age of 40, she becomes a nun and founds the Emei Sect. Abbess Fengling becomes her successor, who in turn, is succeeded by Abbess Miejue.

What is the Emei Sect?
In Jin Yong’s novels, Emei’s martial arts are the best among those suited for women. The origins of Emei’s martial arts come from its founder Guo Xiang. Guo’s martial arts were mostly inherited from her family, including some of Huang Yaoshi (her maternal grandfather)’s skills. She also learnt part of the Nine Yang Manual from Jueyuan in her younger days.

In Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, Miejue is the successor of the Emei Sect. Her name literally means “destroy and eliminate”, she aims to purge the world of evil and make Emei the leading sect in the wulin (martial artists’ community). Her dogmatic and extreme views lead her to commit various ethically and morally vicious deeds, including the indiscriminate slaughter of everyone associated with the Ming Cult and unorthodox martial arts sects. At Wan’an Monastery, she names Zhou Zhiruo her successor and plunges to her death from the tower after refusing Zhang Wuji’s help.

The hidden secrets in these two swords are the story revolving around part three of the Condor Heroes trilogy. The weapons can only be damaged and broken when used against each other thereby revealing the hidden items within them.

The main protagonist is Zhang Wuji and his four famous love interest.

Here is the earliest movie adaptation of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (1978) with English subtitles.

This is one of the most famous Chinese wuxia novels written by Jin Yong and you should consider buying The Condor Heroes Trilogy to own some titles is already going out of print.

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