handsome siblings

Handsome Siblings (2018)

Handsome Siblings (2018)

Chinese Title: Juedai shuang Jiao / 绝代双骄
Genre: Martial Arts Novel by Gu Long
Director: Liu Fang (刘方)
Episodes: 50
Country: China
Languange: Mandarin

Leo Wu Lei (吴磊) as Xiao Yu Er
Wang Jun Kai (王俊凯) as Hua Wuque (Xiao Yu’er’s twin brother)
Wu Qian (吴倩)

The Legendary Siblings 1999
legendary siblings

Handsome Siblings 2005
handsome siblings

Yu Li

Leo Wu Lei

Wang Jun Kai

Juedai Shuangjiao means The Peerless Proud Twins or The Handsome Siblings and is a wuxia novel written by Gu Long. The story is about a pair of twin brothers who were separated from each other at birth and raised under different circumstances. The twins first see each other as enemies but gradually become friends and eventually acknowledge each other as brothers.

You can watch the 2005 version, The Handsome Siblings with English subtitles starring Dicky Cheung & Nicolas Tse. What is your favorite version of the Handsome Siblings? I like The Legendary Siblings 1999 starring Alec Su as Hua Wuque & Jimmy Lin as Xiao Yu’er and I have both of the Handsome Siblings DVD.

Handsome Siblings 2017 is a new television adaptation of the novel of the same name and will begin filming in December 2017.

Recent media news is that Wu Lei might be Xiao Yu’er & Wang Jun Kai (TFBOYS) (Legend of Chusen) as his older twin brother Hua Wuque. Yu Li 于莉 who starred in the Handsome Siblings 1999 was also asked to join the cast. Casting is still unconfirmed, follow us for new updates!

* The Legendary Siblings (1999) (DVD), Mandarin & Cantonese, $15.99 – $39.99, Ebay
* Handsome Siblings (2005) (DVD), Mandarin & Cantonese, English subtitle, $68.88 – $200.00, Ebay

Broadcast Date: 2018

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