handsome siblings

Handsome Siblings (2018) | Xiao Yu Er role confirmed

Handsome Siblings (2018)

handsome siblings

Chinese Title: Jue dai shuang Jiao / 绝代双骄
Genre: Martial Arts Novel by Gu Long
Director: Zou Jicheng (邹集成), Liu Fang (刘方)
Episodes: 50
Country: China
Languange: Mandarin

Chen Zhe Yuan (陈哲远) as Jiang Xiao Yu/Xiao Yu’er
Hu Yi Tian (胡一天) as Hua Wuque
TBD as Su Ying
TBD as Tie Xin Lan

Chen Zhe Yuan as Jiang Xiao Yu/Xiao Yu’er (son of Jiang Feng & Hua Yuenu, Hua Wuque’s twin brother)
Chen Zhe Yuan
Xiao Yu
Xiao yuer

Hu Yi Tian as Hua Wuque (son of Jiang Feng & Hua Yuenu, Xiaoyu’er’s twin brother)
Hua Wuque
Hua Wuque

Handsome Siblings 2017 is a new television adaptation of the novel of the same name and will begin filming in December 2017. Juedai Shuangjiao means The Peerless Proud Twins or The Handsome Siblings and is a wuxia novel written by Gu Long. The story is about a pair of twin brothers who were separated from each other at birth and raised under different circumstances. The twins first see each other as enemies but gradually become friends and eventually acknowledge each other as brothers.

You can watch the The Handsome Siblings 2005 with English subtitles starring Dicky Cheung & Nicolas Tse. What is your favorite version of the Handsome Siblings? The first version I watched was by TVB The Twins 1979, and my favorite is the one starring Alec Su & Jimmy Lin The Legendary Siblings 1999.

Recent media news has announced newcomer Chen Zhe Yuan from Legend of Zu 2 as Xiao Yu’er, and Hu Yi Tian as Hua Wuque. The series will also guest star appearance by Wu Dai Rong, Lin Zhi Ying & Dicky Cheung. More casting to be revealed, follow us for new updates!

* The Legendary Siblings (1999) (DVD), Mandarin & Cantonese, $15.99 – $39.99, @ Ebay
* Handsome Siblings (2005) (DVD), Mandarin & Cantonese, English subtitle, $68.88 – $200.00, @ Ebay

Premiere Date: 2018