Genghis Khan 2017

Genghis Khan (2017) | William Chan & Jelly Lin

Genghis Khan (2017) 3D
English subtitles: Yes


Chinese Title: Zhan Shen Ji (战神纪)
Also known as: The Legend of the Mengol King
Vietnamese Title: Chiến Thần Kỷ
Director: Hasi Chaolu (哈斯朝鲁)
Genre: Martial Arts
Country: China
Language: Mandarin

William Chan Wei Ting (陈伟霆) as Temüjin
Jelly Lin Yun (林允) as Bei Er Tie
Hu Jun (胡军) as Hu Chu Lu (Temujin enemy)
Zhao Li Xin (赵立新) as Ta Li Hu Tai (Temujin’s uncle)
Ni Da Hong (倪大红) as Sa Man Wushi (Temujin spiritual teacher)
Li Guang Jie (李光洁) as Zha Mu He
Zhang Xin Yi (张歆艺) as Duodai
Ba Sen Zha Bu (巴森扎布) as Te Xue Chan (father of Bei Er Tie)
Tu Men (涂们) as Hu Boyan

William Chan Wei Ting as Temüjin (Genghis Khan)

Jelly Lin Yun as Bei Er Tie (Temujin childhood love)
bei ertie
bei er tie

Hu Jun as Hu Chu Lu (Temujin enemy)
hu chu lu
hu chu lu

Zhang Xin Yi as Duodai (witch)
duo dai


Genghis Khan is an upcoming Chinese historical epic film produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud and directed by Mongolian director Hasi Chaolu. It stars William Chan as the great legendary general Genghis Khan founder of the Mongol Empire and Jelly Lin (The Mermaid, L.O.R.D Legend of Ravaging Dynasty) as Temujin childhood love.

Jelly Lin Yun, she is a new rising Chinese actress who made her famed debuting in Stephen Chow’s 2016 film, The Mermaid 美人鱼. There is media news that there will be works of, The Mermaid 2 film and a television adaptation.

Genghis Khan began filming in March 2017 and just recently completed filming in September 2017 and was set to premiere in China on December 22, 2017 but recent media news is it has been postponed to 2018 release. Follow us for more info and updates.

Release Date: TBD – China