dynasty warriors

Dynasty Warriors (Film) (2018)

Dynasty Warriors (2018)

Chinese Title: Zhen·sanguo wushuang 真·三国无双
Director: Roy Chow
Genre: Game
Country: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin

Wang Kai (王凯) as Cao Cao
Yang You Ning (楊祐寧) as Liu Bei
Hang Geng (韓庚) as Guanyu
Zhang Jian Sheng (張建聲) as Zhangfei
Louis Koo (古天樂) as Lu Bu
Ray Lui (呂良偉) as Yuanshao
Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) as Zhujian Bao Bao Zhu
Gu Li Na Zha (古力娜扎) as Diao Chan
Lin Xue (林雪) as Dong Zhuo
Jiang Hao Wen (姜皓文) as Zhang Jiao
Luo Jia Ying (羅家英) as Lu Bo She

Wang Kai as Cao Cao
cao cao

Yang You Ning as Liu Bei
liu bei

Louis Gu Tian Yue as Lu Bu
Lu Bu

Gu Li Na Zha as Diao Chan
Diao Chan

Ray Lui as Yuan Shuo
yuan shuao

Hang Geng as Guanyu
guan yu

Dynasty Warriors (Sangokumusō in Japan) is the title of a series of video game created by Koei Tecmo based on the Chinese historical period of The Three Kingdoms, players choose their characters and defeat all other rival kingdoms and uniting China under a common ruler. Dynasty Warriors is the title of the first video game and first released in 1997 on the PlayStation. This game was also Koei top selling worldwide game.

I have to say I am surprised just to find out that the game is getting the first film adaptation. As much as I love the game and characters through the years, I was hoping the film would cast younger eye candy actors & actresses. This is one of my favorite Chinese historical PlayStation games, I own many of the titles and you can find them on Ebay. The Dynasty Warriors 2018 film is based on the video game of the same name and began filing in July and is set to premiere in 2018.

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Premiere: 2018

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