Border Town Prodigal (2016)

Border Town Prodigal (2016)
Broadcast Date: July 18, 2016
English subtitles: Yes

Chinese Title: 新边城浪子 / Xin bian cheng lang zi
Thai Title: ดาบจอมภพ
Vietnamese Title: Tân Biên Thành Lãng Tử
Genre: Martial Arts / Novel
Episodes: 50
Country: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin

Original Soundtrack
1. Biancheng yuè (边城月) – Artist: Ā Yun Ga (阿云嘎)
2. Biancheng langzi (边城浪子) – Artist: Kristy Zhang (张含韵)
3. Mi Xin Ju (迷心局) – Artist: Hu Sha Sha (胡莎莎)

Zhu Yilong (朱一龙) as Fuhong Xue
Viann Zhang (张馨予) as Ma Fang Ling
Zhang Junning (张峻宁) as Lu Xiaojia
Wang Yitong (王艺曈) as Hua Bai Feng
Vincent Chiao (焦恩俊) as Xiao Bieli
Chai Biyun (柴碧云) as Cui Nong
Qiu Xinzhi (邱心志) as Ma Kongqun
Yu Qing Bin (于青斌) as Ye Kai
Gong Mi (贡米) as Ding Ling Lin
Yang Jingru (杨净如) as Chen San Niang
Shi Lingfei (史凌菲) as Ding Bai Yun
Zhang Tian Yang (张天阳) as Bai Tian Yu (leader of the Divine Knife sect)
Li Yuan (黎源) as Gong Sun Duan

Zhu Yilong as Fuhong Xue (adopted son of the God of sabre Yang Chang Feng, demon sect)
Fuhong Xue

Viann Zhang as Ma Fang Ling (daughter of Ma Kongqun, likes Fu Hongxue)
Ma Fang Ling
Ma Fang Ling

Chai Biyun as Cui Nong (courtesan, Fu Hongxue’s first love, loves Fu Hongxue, Ma Fang Ling half-sister, daughter of Ma Konggun)
Cui Nong

Zhang Junning as Lu Xiaojia (assassin, brother of Ding Ling Lin, son of Ding Cheng Feng & )
Lu Xiao Jia

Vicent Chiao as Xiao Bieli
Xiao Bie Li

Qiu Xinzhi as Ma Kongqun (sworn brother of Bai Tianyu)
Ma Kongqun

Wang Yitong as Hua Bai Feng (mother of Ye Kai)
Hua Bai Feng

Yu Qing Bin as Ye Kai (successor of Swordsman Xiao Li Fei Dao ‘Dagger Li’, son of Bai Tianyu & Hua Baifeng)
Ye Kai

Gong Mi as Ding Ling Lin (Ye Kai’s love interest)
Chen San Niang

Li Yuan as Gong Sun Duan
Gong Sun Duan


OST – Biancheng Yue – A Yun Ga

Mi Xin Ju – Hu Sha Sha

Biancheng langzi – Kristy Zhang

English 1-10 –

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Omg,,, I have to say Viann Zhang is just so alluring in this drama. She looks so beautiful especially when she has the demonizing look to it. Why does she looks like she out to assassinate you, this is one of my favorite part of the drama when there’s a love triangle and how will it end.

Border Town Prodigal is based on Gu Long’s martial arts novel series Little Li Flying Dagger Xiaoli Feidao (小李飛刀). This is the sequel to the first part of the The Flying Dagger trilogy series. The Flying Dagger is the weapon of Li Xunhuan, Ye Kai, Ding Lingzhong and Li Huai. Li Xunhuan is well known for his signature martial arts weapon ‘Little Li Flying Dagger’.

As you can see, Vincent Chiao was and is still the most handsome Li Xunhuan. Li Xunhuan is the first protagonist of the novel and starred in the first series titled, Little Li Flying Dagger (1999) also known as Sentimental Swordsman. The first part tells the story of Li Xunhuan Li who rises to prominence as a martial artist in the Jianghu for the expert use of his signature weapon, the Little Li Flying Dagger. He is in love with Lin Shiyin but decides to give up on her to repay his sworn brother Long Xiaoyun’s kindness towards him. Long Xiaoyun marries Lin Shiyin eventually. Li Xunhuan is emotionally hurt and he retires from the Jianghu.

Border Town Prodigal is the sequel to the first part of the novel and the main protagonist is Ye Kai, who is the successor of Li Xunhuan and inherits the “Little Li Flying Dagger” technique. Ye Kai’s father is Bai Tianyue (Zhang Tian Yang) and mother Hua Bai Feng (Wang Yitong). This part begins with the mysterious murder of Bai Tianyu and his family. Ye Kai and Fu Hongxue become friends and they both set forth to solve the mysterious murder of Fu Hongxue’s father.

The Magic Blade Tianya Mingyue Dao (天涯明月刀) also known as Horizon, Bright Moon, Saber is the fourth installment to The Flying Dagger trilogy series. The main protagonist is Fu Hongxue. Fu Hongxue is the adopted son of God of sabre, Yang Chang Feng. He was raised by Hua Bai Feng. Fu Hongxue was born with one cripple leg and suffers from epileptic seizures after the lost of his first love Cui Nong. He is one of the top martial swordsman known for his powerful sword Moon Blade sword. Fu Hongxue character appears in Border Town Prodigal and The Magic Blade. You can watch The Magic Blade 2012 starring Wallace Huo and Baron Chen.

There is also a new adaptation of the final part of the series part 5 titled, Legend of Flying Dagger 2016 which stars Hawick Lau and Yang Rong.

The leader of the Divine Knife sect, Bai Tian Yu, was mysteriously ambushed and killed in the border town Plum Nunnery. Twenty years later, Fu Hong Xue, leaves the western regions and returned to the central plains (China) in order to investigate his adopted father’s death. At the same time, Bai Tian Yu and Hua Bai Feng’s biological son, Ye Kai, also left for the border town. The two find that it was Bai Tian Yu’s sworn brother, Ma Kong Qun, who organized the assassination. As luck would have it, Ma Kong Qun’s beautiful daughter, Ma Su Ling falls for Fu Hong Xue, while Ye Kai falls for her…together, they will face Ma Kong Qun. source; Cfensi

From the novel Fu Hongxue first love is Cui Nong and she is also the half-sister of Ma Fanling’s. It looks like this is a love triangle Ma Fanling and Cui Nong both loves Fu Hongxue. Border Town Prodigal broadcast on July 18, 2016 on Beijing, follow us on twitter for updates and OST downloads.

Star Birthday
Li Yuan (Gong Sun Duan) – November 3, 1987 (29)
Vincent Chiao (Xiao Bieli) – November 7, 1967 (49)

Download Original Soundtrack
Biancheng yuè (边城月) – A Yun Ga (阿云嘎)
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